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Monday, October 11, 2010

eine kleine Nachtwunde

A guy stabs two at Oktoberfest

Four or five murders this weekend: adult male and Park Heights and Shirley; Daryll Hood, 22, 4700 block of Shamrock Avenue; Travis Lane, 29, found dead on the 3500 block of Calvert Street; Dennis Waddell, 1600 block of Warwick Avenue; James Ingram, 3000 block of Presbury Street; and a suspiciously dead guy in a vacant in the 800 block of North Fremont Avenue.

UM professor to review Baltimore police arrests

Smoochy lesbians ejected from Ravens game (ps. happy coming out day to our more closeted readers!)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Busting stereotypes...

Tricia Bishop on how voir dire is a bunch of hoodoo

Sirlilar Stokes... hey, I just put two and two together, the Sirlilar Stokes who Jacques Kelly reported about a few weeks ago is the same one accused of shooting dancer Ashley Davis in Robert E. Lee park, then going back to the strip club. (Pic at right)
Not all lesbians are innocent and cuddly, Mel!
(See also Newton, Sharone, accused of killing Sctario Edwards outside of Coconuts)

WTF? "A 30-year-old woman was seriously injured Sunday evening when her brother pushed her out of a moving vehicle and into the southbound lanes of Interstate 695 near Security Boulevard"

RJR dwarfed by megalithic pile of applications

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Wives of Biddison Lane

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Who would want to kill two poodle-owning lesbians in Walterson?
UPDATE: The women were ID'D as 31-year-old Lydia Steed and 23-year-old Allisha Royster.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

August 6

What the?! Five people shot "in the lower body" in the SW last night, police say they were Bloods. mapped by Spotcrime

The man killed on West Fayette last night was ID'd as Jeffrey Alston of Catonsville.

The Ink has four murders from last week, plus updates

A man was robbed and shot while fetching Chinese takeout on Harford Road.

Since Vic wanted to know what happened with the shooting at Robert E. Lee, maybe someone else wondered also-- it turned out that it was a lesbian-stalker type situation-- Sirlilar Jewelle Stokes, 19, female patron of the 2 O'Clock strip Club, lured 18-year-old dancer Ashley Davis into her car, took her to the park at dawn, shot her, then returned to the same club later that afternoon, where she was arrested.
Aside, have you ever been to Pride? There are quite a lot of "Snoops" in this town.