Wednesday, August 6, 2008

August 6

What the?! Five people shot "in the lower body" in the SW last night, police say they were Bloods. mapped by Spotcrime

The man killed on West Fayette last night was ID'd as Jeffrey Alston of Catonsville.

The Ink has four murders from last week, plus updates

A man was robbed and shot while fetching Chinese takeout on Harford Road.

Since Vic wanted to know what happened with the shooting at Robert E. Lee, maybe someone else wondered also-- it turned out that it was a lesbian-stalker type situation-- Sirlilar Jewelle Stokes, 19, female patron of the 2 O'Clock strip Club, lured 18-year-old dancer Ashley Davis into her car, took her to the park at dawn, shot her, then returned to the same club later that afternoon, where she was arrested.
Aside, have you ever been to Pride? There are quite a lot of "Snoops" in this town.


John Galt said...

May I suggest a radical concept:

Correctional facilities shouldn't employ people who have relationships with offenders.

And no, I don't care if that makes half of Baltimore unemployable in the public sector.

Bmore said...

Welcome to Bmore City..where 80% of people are sheisty and ignorant..what a great town! i cant believe tourists actually come to this dump of a city..WOW the Inner Harbor how nice!! gimme a break! curruption bleeds from the juveniles to the police officers...this city should be evicted and filled with people who actually care about something other then illegal activity and extreme lazyness...and those that are evicted should be sent to some island that is yet to be populated, sort of how Australia was used back in the day.

ppatin said...

According to the Sun the give guys who were shot last night were all Bloods members. It's a pity that all of them survived, and it's even more appalling that they're being treated at taxpayer expense. They should be kicked out of the hospital unless they can pay for their own care.

The Baltimore Cynic said...

Clearly, you lot are unsympathetic to the tragic and horrible circumstances that befall most of our little darling babies here who are only victims of their circumstances! Drugs came in, after all, because of Reagan and they haven't been able to shake free since! I mean, its the police's fault that they are as bad as they are! We should coddle and take care of them and uplift them! Jail is not the solution to a spiritual problem inherent in the city. We can only make things better through lots of social programs and money going into the community. That will keep them from becoming hoodlums!

The scary part is that somewhere, someone just read this and agreed.

ppatin said...


They obviously just need to be educated about non-violent conflict resolution.