Saturday, December 4, 2010

Best sighting ever

Rod J. Rosenstein in the front row of "Annie" at the Olney Theater (with his children, TG.)

.. if anyone deserves a chorus of singing orphans it's RJR, whose past week at the office included indicting Antonio “Mack” Hall for the murder of federal witness Kareem Kelly Guest, convicting "L'il Mama" of racketeering, and a guilty plea from "Mrs. T" of 420 Income Tax Services, who stole children's identities and their parents' refunds, and a whole bunch of other assorted Roosters and Lily St. Regises.

anyway, Lola Brant... keep an eye out for Lola Brant, who left Bel Air in her tan Mercedes yesterday and never came back.
UPDATE: she was found in PA

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