Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It may cost only $100 to double park in Bmore

Council committee approved by the bill to end the $250 I'm dropping off groceries ticket, but the Mayor has said if she will support it.


Maurice Bradbury said...

That post makes no sense.

But anyway they need increase that fine to like $1500, you can't drive up Charles or down St. Paul or anywhere in Hampden without some dingus being parked in the middle of the road blocking entire lanes. It backs up traffic and is a hazard.

Cham said...

No, that is not the way it works. Unloading your groceries? $250.00 for you. Fedex, UPS, or a cop having a nooner with his mistress? Please, park in the middle of the street. Everyone else can wait.

Meat Confetti said...

My favorite is the assholes who stop in the middle of street when there are SPOTS AVAILABLE, but they're just too lazy to parallel park. They totally deserve a ticket.