Monday, January 10, 2011

Gun-toting felon nominated

This is horrifying! On Friday, all but three city council members voted to nominate former gun-toting felon Pete Welch to his mom's old seat. The final vote is tonight, please take a few minutes to drop your city council rep a note letting him or her know what you think.


Sue J said...

I've just written to Councilman Curran, requesting that he withdraw his nomination. Curran is such a disgrace in so many ways, but this really takes the cake.

Maurice Bradbury said...

Good to hear. I wrote mine also, Sharon Middleton. I really like her, but I just won't be able to support her after this.

What really irks me is council members explaining that they owe Agnes Welch “a debt of gratitude." So send her chocolates-- don't impose her felonious son on the rest of us!