Thursday, January 13, 2011

a 'prance, a flamboyant shimmy'

Yet another cancer-scam case in Baltimore County?! This time one Lisa Hoppenstein Cohen allegedly bilked former Raven Mike Flynn out of $10,000. Says Cohen, "nothing's been proven."

Police say U of MD student shot over pot, his parents don't believe it

Victims protest outside the Archdiocese of Baltimore, demanding more disclosure in the case of defrocked priest Laurence Brett

police impersonatorWoman recalls traffic stop by fake cop in drag: "he approached her vehicle in what can only be described as a 'prance, a flamboyant shimmy.' He was tall, lanky, wearing a fake-looking ginger bob-style wig, an oversize police hat and blue-pleated pants that 'poofed' at the hips." .. and WJZ has an awesome composite sketch

A lawsuit puts the State Center project on hold

Hefty! Hefty! Hefty woman wanted in connection with purse-snatching

A U-turn in Mr. Carl's wild ride: Judge Silkworth threw out his illegal double PBJ and is letting the defendant decide if he wants a whole new trial or just a new sentence.


Cham said...

The sketch is outstanding. The victim drew it.

Anonymous said...

That sketch just made my day.

Sean said...

Oh MY God, that sketch is awesome. I want to put that on my fridge.

Anonymous said...

The sketch looks like Denise Koch..