Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How fat is he?!

Comedy rules at Brockbridge Correctional Facility's talent night. "There were blind jokes and deaf jokes, and some long, graphic descriptions of pussy."

Murder Ink covers last week's two murders, of Wendell Woodard and Kevin Lewis.

There's a new First Assistant U.S. Attorney, one Stephen M. Schenning. He replaces Stuart Goldberg.

Ewewewewewie ew ew. With a side of EW!!: Dad of a 12-year-old autistic boy, "Rafael Luis Mieles, age 25, of Baltimore, pleaded guilty today to distributing child pornography in connection with an online ad he posted seeking to have sex with a father and son."


Stewie del Gato said...

Anybody know what was up with the 6 helicopters flying circles around W. Baltimore yesterday afternoon? I thought they finally called martial law on West B-more.

ppatin said...

What kind of helicopters were they? If they were MD State Police it could be that there was a rash of accidents and Shock Trauma was getting slammed.

Stewie del Gato said...

I saw 1 foxtrot and 1 Medivac, the rest I did not recognize. I work at the University and they did seem to make a pass over Shock Trauma, but didn't land. They flew around for probably an hour or so in different formations. Some kind of training maybe?