Friday, January 21, 2011

Toke up with Montel

Rhidel Price, 21, fatally shot in Cherry Hill. Fenton uncovered a high school interview with him in '07 for

A 23-year-old man shot & killed in Severn

Fourteen years for Todd Duncan, a (city-funded) youth counselor who moonlit as the citywide commander of the Black Guerillas. (Says a commentor, "he is learning the hard way what happens when you cut in on the CIA's drug profits")

D'oh! A police report says that the detective shot in a parking garage this week may have shot himself. Does that mean he's paying for the SWAT team?

Go Bernstein! In his first press release, Big B announces that John Couplin, famous for abducting a Guilford resident in the trunk of his car last year, has been jailed on probation violations stemming from a theft charge.

Bad news, death penalty fans: Hospira, the U.S.' sole maker of lethal injection drugs, has ceased production

Felony charges dismissed against Shomrim member Eliyahu Eliezer Werdesheim; misdemeanor charges are still on the table, and now his brother Avi has been charged with something in connection to the incident where a teen was allegedly beaten and had his wrist broken.

Yeeks-- the bodies of two men who had been "deceased for some time" found in Perry Hall house

MS sufferer/payday-loan hawker Montel Williams in coming to town to push for medical marijuana

Blotter: Anderson Honda employee mugged, hack cab passengers robbed and a woman charged with aggravated assault (good!) for slapping and choking a child on S. Schroeder St

Evan of the City that Breeds is royally PO'd that Rikki Spector doesn't actually live in her district

Fenton on Rodericks at 1

This D.C. crime blogger is way more intense than I


ppatin said...

Re: Hospira and sodium thiopental

This really shouldn't be a big deal. Oklahoma has already used pentobarbital as a substitute, and it worked perfectly well. Unfortunately lawyers will use this as yet another excuse to throw monkey legal monkey wrenches into the gears of the system.

What this really proves is that the switch to lethal injection was stupid in the first place. Personally I'd love to see the Maryland Penitentiary's old gas chamber dusted off, but that would probably run into endless cruel & unusual punishment challenges. It would have been much more sensible to do as the French did back in the day and guillotine people. Sure it's messy, but it kills almost instantly and is extremely difficult to botch. Unfortunately we have this ridiculous idea that executions should be bloodless and "peaceful," as if killing a human being wasn't an inherently violent act.

Maurice Bradbury said...

You know I'm against capital punishment, but what seems most sensible to me is the good old-fashioned firing squad. Doesn't take an special equipment or training, and as it's how most murders dispatch their victims, there's a tinge of poetic justice there. What is also ridiculous, I think, is the recent idea that executions should be private. If our ostensible purpose is as a deterrent, this makes no sense. If we're going to have it, let's go Saudi-style in Raven stadium! Bring a picnic! Or put it on C-SPAN-- our tax dollars paid for it! They'll show moldering corpses on CSI and those BS crime shows, but when it comes to real-life killing that our tax dollars support, for some reason it's too gross for people or the perps deserve privacy or some crap.

Cham said...

MB, you are doing a pretty good job yourself. I certainly wouldn't have the patience for this.

evrli said...


jus dropping a link ... :)


Maurice Bradbury said...

.. because murdered white girls don't get nearly enough attention, right? ... why nothing about murdered brown people, Evrli?

Cham said...

mb, is it my imagination or not that courthouse east and courthouse west's dance cards are absolutely filled with jury trials for the next 3 months? What gives?

Maurice Bradbury said...

aren't they always filled?

Cham said...

Several cases I've been watching all of a sudden now have dates, times and rooms. Offenders seem to be pleading left and right.