Monday, January 31, 2011


The man shot on Pratt St on Friday (homicide #16) was id'd as Raynard Benjamin, 30

Court of Appeals throws out a murder conviction obtained by a detective telling the suspect, "This is between you and me, bud."

Tooty-two years for Manny, the coke dealer who tried to intimidate a witness. And up in Gettysburg, PA, trial for a grandma accused of bringing Baltimorean white drugs up from the KMart parking lot to sell in the TGI Fridays parking lot.

A witness out to "get paid" says she saw the Johnson boys running away from the scène du pit bull flambee, and jurors watched the crime camera video. And then there's the two teens arrested for the burning of Mittens the cat.

Police and fire unions plan to picket the June Mayor's conference, and members from other states are invited. Maybe they can stay at the city-owned Hilton, plenty of empty rooms there ....

A Daily Record investigation reveals that when it comes to East Baltimore development, "Elected officials short on financial details"

In the crime beat blog, police appeal for the public's help to solve the Jan 2. murder of autistic Hezikah Wilson, the mayor introduces new legislation that includes a mandatory-minimum illegal-firearm sentence. Meanwhile, in South Dakota, legislation to require gun ownership.

and on this blog, a new comment in the self-defense vs murder debate


The Baltimore Cynic said...

After reading the new comment on the self defense page, I suddenly see why the concept of Guilt by Association has so much credence.

ppatin said...


The "This is between you and me, bud" conviction was overturned by the Court of Appeals, not the Court of Special was Appeals. The CSA had upheld his conviction.

Maurice Bradbury said...

Thanks, Bud.