Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Are you there, God? It's me, Joan Carter Conway

Cleaven L. Williams, accused of stabbing his wife to death in front of the circuit court on North Avenue after she got a restraining order against him, says he's "not criminally responsible" and that it was a spur-of-the-moment act he doesn't remember. Unfortunately for his defense, he left a note found in the family car "in which he talks about killing his wife and describes how he wants their three children raised." Today Judge Doory is to decide if said letter was legally obtained.

Fenton has bloody video of the aftermath of the BP double-stabbing; police say the victims may have been related and police are ISO a man with long dreadlocks.

In the Messenger blotter, a party host robbed by a guest, and in Hampden a pedestrian told to go back to "the ghetto." In the Baltimore Guide blotter, a woman set a mattress on fire, a lesbian chases her girlfriend with a knife over some marijuana and a stolen Snickers bar and doughnut.

PG county's Jack "put it in your bra" Johnson indicted yesterday

PG County Democrat Jim Rosapepe targeted by pro-ss-marriage U of MD student lobbyists, and Joan Carter Conway is "praying" to know how to vote (guess she didn't get the memo r.e. the separation of church & state?).

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Cham said...

JCC is another one that is making it up as she goes along. She's praying all right, praying that God will tell her which way the political wind is blowing in her district regarding gay marriage. She also has a rather selective memory on how the mail-order wine bill self-destructed back in 2010.