Thursday, August 11, 2011

Select Lounge Shooting Video, Pitcairn Murder Trial Testimony, and Much More

Police release video from the Select Lounge shooting.

The girlfriend of John A. Wagner, the man accused of stabbing JHU researcher Stephen Pitcairn to death, took the stand today.

Search for a MD woman missing in Aruba has been called off.

Police need help solving the March 17th killing of Brandon Carter. They hope that releasing video taken from inside the carry-out he was killed in may help.

After only 5 hours of jury deliberation, Antonio "Mack" Hall has been convicted of murdering federal informant Kareem Guest. Hall is apparently believed to be "connected to several drug-related killings in the city." I wonder if we'll ever find out who else he allegedly killed?

Police in Towson are on the lookout for an unidentified woman who is believed to have purchased $14,000 worth of merchandise using stolen credit cards.

Speaking of big money, police find $238,000 in a backpack in a suspected drug dealers car. Antonio Joseph Ward, 34, was charged with a bevy of drug related crimes.

A 20-year-old is in the hospital with a broken femur after being shot 4500 block of North Rogers St. Wednesday.

Bad news for our friends at the Sun. The Sun is looking to buy out between 20-25 employees soon. As you can tell, I rely very heavily on the Sun as a way of giving crime news to you folks, so it's always sad to hear when the Sun is cutting positions, and thus potentially cutting it's crime coverage.

City officer turned drug dealer is set to be released on bail. Daniel Redd, 41, will be held under electronic home monitoring at his mothers house.

Two Baltimoreans have been arrested for a string of PA bank hold-up's. Jason Ronald Dixon, 44 and Renee Fleet, 42 are being held on $300,000 bond.

Connection between suburbia mall robberies and city killing made. Derek Jones, 25, was shot to death just hours after being interviewed by police regarding his involvement in the capers. 20-year-old Deontaye Harvey and 19-year-old Aaron Pratt have been indicted federally for their roles in the robberies.

PG County police "want to talk" to Quindell Mercer, 34 (RIGHT). Mercer is a relative of a mother and son who were shot to death in their home last week. Mr. Mercer has a criminal history consisting of an arrest for Attempted murder from 1997, an arrest for Murder from 2005, as well as being currently wanted for attempted murder in South Carolina.

A true "inside look" into the use of clear televisions in MD prisons. I hate myself for using that pun.

15 years in death of an Annapolis toddler. Timothy Darnell Height, 18, who's picture is very prominently displayed on the page linked, plead guilty to smothering his girlfriends 1-year-old baby.

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Wow... Mr Height is very strange looking, at least in that photo. I actually have a little sympathy for him, at least, what his childhood must have been like