Saturday, October 15, 2011

163, 164

Two more homicides so far this weekend, including a man stabbed on the street in the middle of the day. And two nonfatal shootings in the NE.

And the BPD is supposed to have been conducting "after-action" reviews of police-involved shootings, but apparently that hasn't been happening. For years.

A new commander for the city's "vaunted but scuffling homicide unit".

Two guys with machetes, sisters fighting with steak knives and a bicycle-jacking in the Baltimore Guide blotter.

And finally, this terrifying Vanity Fair article on the state of California's economy brought to mind the CP's article on police and fire pensions. Two years after the CP article the city is still afloat, which is kind of incredible, no?

and a great article in the NYker this week about Portugal's decriminalization of drugs

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