Monday, October 17, 2011


Marquis Jones, 20, found shot to death in the rear alley of the 2200 block of Aiken Street early yesterday morning

A woman's body has been found in a Dumpster of the Charles Towers apartments in the 200 block of N. Charles.*

Maryland District Court Judge Jamey Hueston is trying to set up a nonprofit to support The Baltimore City District Adult Drug Court and make up for funding cuts.

The trial of Walter P. Bishop Jr., accused of carrying out the murder-for-hire of William R. Porter, is kicking off tomorrow in HarfCo. It will be the first death-penalty eligible case in the state since the law was changed to only make eligible cases that link the suspect with DNA evidence, or as applies to Bishop, a videotaped confession, reports the Sun's Arthur Hirsch.

CBS has footage of "writer turned warrior" Matthew VanDyke sporting a dirty schmattle, firing a giant gun and saying he's "willing to kill people for freedom."

The county's 18th homicide is Joseph A. Miranda, 19, run over by a Bobcat in 2006. Also in the county, four people injured in a drive-by shooting in Turners Station.

And a special session of the legislature is about to go down in A-town, and the fur is sure to fly. has links to stories from every source on the subject, iffin you care.

And North Baltimore's Robert E. Lee Park, closed for years as a result of dog poop contamination and for renovations, has reopened! But note parks department staffers will be there, ticket books in hand, waiting to bust violators of city leash laws. There is a leash-free area but you must join and pay $35 to use it.


Cham said...

Reconsider #163. Body may have been transported over city line. Sad, girlfriend is about to deliver.

ppatin said...

I bought a subscription as well. What's hilarious though is that there's an incredibly simple way to get around the paywall. The Sun needs better IT people.

Cham said...

I notice Shorty Davis has placed a couple of his toilet bombs in the middle of McKeldin Square. There is a note on one of them that says if you have a problem with the toilets to call the Baltimore County Police and the FBI. LOL :D

Anonymous said...

I'll buy a Sun subscription once it becomes locally owned again. I'm not throwing my money at the bankrupt Tribune/Times/Mirror group that gutted the paper and made it a shell of its former self (and they got rid of 10 more newsroom employees right before they instituted the pay wall.)

Until that time, I'll just block the cookies and continue reading for free.