Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Location, location

Life in prison for Kevin Pushia. And a conviction for the rape, torture and murder of Sintia Mesa, killed over her boyfriend Jemarl Jones's drug debts.

Police say the death of Ryan Jackson, 18, found on Pennington Ave, did, in fact, go down in the county, on Rambo Court.

Gregg Bernstein may not issue many press releases or make many public statements, but he does go to community meetings. Such as this one in Charles Village, where he got to hear this bon mot from Joe Giordano: “I tell people I live at 26th and condom."

And one Dwayne McCoy was arrested for the robbery and shooting of a Charles Village resident. The bad news: he's out on bail already!

Keep an eye out for James Whittlesey, 52, a wanted bank robber with an exceptionally fluffy butt cut.

And a former resident wins a $40k bedbug lawsuit against the apartment managers of her building. Shudder. Skeeve.

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