Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Federal murder conspiracy and racketeering indictments for four people connected to the 12/10 Leakin Park execution-style murder of Cherrie Gammon. Gammon was mother of two* and a white-drug addict who danced and sold drugs to support her habit and at some point presumably snitched* on mother "Money" and her son "Tay" and accomplices.

A surveillance video shows a police officer punching a suspect in the face while the suspect's hands were behind his head (see @:39)

Accused copyright infringer and Towson post-office-box renter Naveed Sheikh was nabbed at Dulles en route to Pakistan.

Sacré bleu! Two women, 73 and 64 were robbed outside of Petit Louis*, one the head of the board of directors for the Parks & People Foundation, the other a retired city school principal. Guess which one kept her purse?


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a link to the alleged police brutality video that is not behind the Sun paywall?

Anonymous said...

sacre bleu? sacrebleu! difference between Damn! & sacred blue, but its french and baltimore aint so cultured so screw me for caring and you for liking the french! jk