Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Teen Sex Headline Gets More Page Views

Two guys shot in the hand in the 500 block of West Lanvale Street last night

A mentally ill man with a weapon shot in the stomach by police yesterday morning. How many police-involved shootings is that so far this year? At least three...

Anna Ditkoff says the homicide toll was at 47 three days ago, including the removal of home-shooter-upper Brandon Washington.

The CP covers a kid sucker-punched at school. God help the children and parents who must contend with these lawless schools. More kids need to get arrested, I say. We need to legalize drugs then fill those empty beds with rotten children.
OMG. HarfCo woman "Engaged To Fla. Teen She Met For Sex." .. So, savvy readers, is the individual on the right the woman, or the teenage boy? Or Jonah Hill?

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Maurice Bradbury said...

You know what's weird? I've never met anyone, or known anyone who knows anyone, who teaches at "Baby Booking" or in the juvenile justice system. Surely these people exist. I wonder what that job is like.