Sunday, April 8, 2012

To Catch a Predator: Baltimore County Edition

Did the Baltimore County Police Department hold their own child predator sting operation?

Since March 21st, six men have been charged in Baltimore County with Sexual Solicitation of a Minor.

It seems a bit far fetched that this is all coincidental, and that each man happened to be caught in a sexual conundrum with a minor like 26-year-old Rahn Freeland was.

Since March 21st, these men have been charged with one count of Sexual Solicitation of a Minor:

Matthew Riley, 34, of Dundalk Maryland, Charged on March 21st.

Jose Ramos, 22, of Augusta Georgia, Charged on March 21st.

Ryan Gerhardt, 27, of Bel Air Maryland, Charged on March 23rd

Wlliam Bertazon, 28, of Rosedale Maryland, Charged on April 4th

Todd Hunter, 21, of Laurel Maryland, Charged on April 4th

Thornie Phillips, 37, of Rosedale Maryland, Charged on April 4th

Due to the number of individuals charged on the same day, and the fact that a man all the way from Georgia was charged, this has all the indications of a sting operation, possibly charging internet predators. It's a curiosity why nothing has been mentioned by the department as of yet. If you have any info, feel free to pass it along.


The Relapse Diary said...

You had me thinking for a minute that Brian Williams was coming to B-More!!!;-)

The Relapse Diary said...

People gotta start watching to catch a predator. He should have knew that was going to end up end a arrest.

ppatin said...

Nobody should watch To Catch A Predator. That show is sensationalistic garbage and a horrible example of "journalists" manufacturing their own news.

mj said...

Where'd you find this info, TAB?
.. and are they still filming to Catch A Predator? Yes, it's garbage but so funny.. "take a seat, what have we here, a dozen condoms, a tub of lard and a Miley Cyrus CD? Now what were you planning on doing with this?"

Cham said...

I love the predators on the show. They're your suburban teachers, business moguls, truck drivers and insurance salesmen. All of them seem to be confused as to why they are at the house of teen girl and why there are a bunch of TV cameras.

As much as middle America would like to believe, weird criminal behavior isn't confined to urban environments.

TAB said...

I may not watch shows like Maury or Jerry Springer, but "To Catch a Predator" has to be my television vice.

And this can all be found on the MD Judiciary Case Search if you wanted any more info.