Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bernstein for the win

From the State's Attorney's Office:
May 23, 2012 -- Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Paul Smith sentenced William Carr today to life in prison plus 25 years for robbing and murdering a 55-year-old beverage delivery man who was working at a busy shopping plaza at the time of the attack.
On April 6, 2012, a Baltimore City jury convicted Carr, 50, of first-degree felony murder; armed robbery; two counts of using a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence; and being a felon in possession of a firearm.
At approximately 3 p.m. on June 28, 2011, Carr approached Chong Wan Yim with a handgun and demanded his vest. Yim was carrying money in the vest, having just completed a delivery to a retailer in the Erdman Shopping Center in the 3900 block of Erdman Avenue. Yim attempted to resist the armed robbery attempt. The two struggled next to Yim's delivery truck as shoppers looked on. Ending the fight, Carr shot and killed Yim and then ran away.
A cashier and customer at a nearby Rite-Aid store observed the murder, identified Carr in a photo array, and testified against him at trial. Police provided additional evidence, including an analysis of fingerprint and palm prints found on the delivery truck where Yim and Carr had struggled, determining that they belonged to the defendant.

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