Monday, May 21, 2012

A Drug Ring Goes Down

That major announcement has been revealed to be the fruits of a six month murder and drug investigation. 14 people were charged in either state or federal court for participating in a large scale drug ring run by Robert G. Moore. As well as running a massive drug ring, Moore and associates also spent a good chunk of 2011 terrorizing the small neighborhood that surrounded the 1900 block of N. Collington Ave.*
Among those charged were:

Drug Kingpin Robert G. Moore, 43; Currently Serving 8 years in state prison for an unrelated drug dealing conviction.

Sarah Hooker, 29; Facing separate drug dealing charges when indicted.

Anthony Roach, 35; Has a conviction related to attempted murder, as well as a multitude of drug dealing convictions. Currently awaiting trial for the 09/16/11 shooting of Allen Venable.

Donnie Adams, 34; Adams has multiple drug and gun convictions and is awaiting trial for gun possesion by a felon at the time of the indictment.

Quincy Chisholm, 21; Currently awaiting trial for shooting Edwin Willis on 09/19/11.

David Warren, 19; Warren had been charged with attempted murder a whopping three times by the time he turned 18. Also awaiting trial for Armed Robbery at the time if the indictment. 

Emmanuel Deminds, 34; Prior convictions for Attempted Murder and drug dealing.

Taylor Flemming, 16

Nizam Roach, 38; A convicted drug dealer with prior arrests for gun possession by a felon.

Charged Federally:
Gregory Fitzgerald, 46

Tommy Heard, 34; Heard has a prior manslaughter conviction, as well as several drug dealing convictions.

Curtis Byrd Jr., 37; Byrd has prior arrests for kidnapping and large scale drug dealing, and at least one actual drug dealing conviction.

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