Thursday, May 17, 2012

Must be a big-azz indictment...

From team Bernstein:
To discuss the results of a joint six-month investigation into an alleged murder and drug conspiracy, Baltimore City State’s Attorney Gregg L. Bernstein, Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld, Drug Enforcement Administration Assistant Special Agent in Charge Carl J. Kotowski, and U.S. Attorney for Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein will conduct a news conference tomorrow.
11 a.m. at the Mitchell Courthouse. What could it be? Mass quantities of narcotics? Clown- cars full of conspirators? A white girl? Possibly some newly uncovered conspirators from the McCants-Baker gang re. Cherrie Gammon? ... Money, Miami, Tay and Roland have been indicted federally).
UPDATE: Fenton reports it relates to murdered wrestler/ cancer survivor* Darian Kess, stabbed in the neck during a home invasion*.

National: Jeffrey Toobin on the backstory of Citizens United in the NYker this week

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Cham said...

Sort of lame murder conspiracy charges for a bunch of people, no specific 1st degree charges a la You shoot my buddy I shoot your buddy sort of thing. Also some lame drug conspiracy charges too. 6 month investigation, few federal charges.