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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Delegate Has Idea

A 19-year-old man was shot to death in Waverly last night in the 600 block of 38th Street.* A double shooting today killed a guy* in the 5200 block of Denmore Avenue, which runs parallel to Park Heights next to the racetrack. If Denmore Avenue sounds familiar, in April 2010 36-year-old Anthony Walker was killed in the 5300 block; in March 2009 Anthony Underwood was killed in the 5000 block by one Farron Tates, aged 16; in December 2008 another shooting at 5016, in 2007 Damon Smith, 40, was found killed in an alley behind the 5000 block.

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Also notable: Fenton says that only two of the year's 22 murders so far have been solved.

Six life sentences plus 100 years for Robert G. Moore, whose greatest hits include threatening a pregnant prosecutor*, calling himself a sovereign citizen, murder conspiracy* and shooting people to avenge the murder of wrestler Darian Kress.

The city will pay $200,000 to the wife of Tyrone Brown, shot 12 times by off-duty officer Gahiji A. Tshamba behind the Red Maple. The Brew reports that the judge said that there was evidence of "deliberate indifference" by the police department.

Del. Frank M Conaway Jr. has sponsored a bill to put cameras on police. If it passed that would be so great I'd even quit bringing up Baptist Gnostic Christian Eubonic Kundalinion Spiritual Ki Do Hermeneutic Metaphysics: The Word: Hermeneutics every time his name comes up.

The City Council approved a speed-camera audit investigation last night, in spite of objections from Kraft, Cole, Holton, Spector, Welsh and Reisinger. You can also read the $278,000 audit yourself online.* And note the city will also pay another firm $237k going ahead to monitor "engineering services, documents and preparing of standard operating procedures and business rules" for a program that no longer exists. 

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Three shot, one fatally* in Pen Lucy yesterday afternoon, reports Fenton, the deceased was ID'd as Dander Jackson. Yes, Dander. And the man killed on Laurens St. was ID'd as Eddie Clifton Blick Jr., 20.

One person shot to death a little after midnight in the 900 block of Watson Street in the southeast, homicide #208.

A 90-mph chase of a stolen truck on the east side ended with a crash at McElderry and N. Linwood. But police don't do high-speed chases! you say? Okay then.

Three guilty pleas in the Robert G. Moore case.* You may recall that this was the guy who (allegedly) the deaths of (at least) seven people, threatened prosecutors and declared himself a "sovereign." The judge says it was the longest case he'd even presided over.

Even the city council is getting the agita over the inordinate delays* with the Tyrone West autopsy.
Obey your nerdly master.
(Lloyd Fox, Sun)

Not crime, but for some lite comedic relief see the picture on the cover of the Sun today* of Jeff Moring, the guy the Brown campaign has hired to follow Doug Gansler around waiting for him to say something stupid. Laugh not, muggle! that stare warded off many a swirlie in junior high. That stare saved his virginity. That stare knows what you did last summer.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Hipster Oppression

yadina morales
Yadina Morales

Life in prison for Karla Porter, whose husband was killed at her behest in front of the Towson Hess station.

Yes, it's okay to drink a little bit when you're breastfeeding. Not okay: getting blackout drunk and passing out on top of the baby, smothering it to death, as Yadina Morales of Hagerstown is alleged to have done.

You know that weirdo "sovereign citizen" defense that Robert G. Moore was trying on for size? Apparently said defense is being brought back* courtesy of the Moorish American Science Temple.

Remember when Towson was a sleepy suburban burg where not much ever happened? Those days are apparently muerto -- a Towson student was stabbed on Burke Avenue and taken to Shock Trauma, and on Friday two students were robbed on Aigburth Road.

Sad: Terry Douglass, the woman who was mauled to death by her pit bull suffered from cerebral palsy. And the dog, "Boosie," had also attacked her as well as her grandson in the past and been taken by animal control but had been returned to her. Daughter: "she's probably in heaven saying he didn't mean to do it."

Sometime CP photographer Noah Scialom was arrested after not removing his "monkey ass" from 322 Howard Street, which police allege was operating as an illegal bottle club. Fenton has the police report, which includes rather more incriminating details and a certain "green leafy substance." Police seem pretty hot to trot lately when it comes to busting bootleg party spaces, or maybe it just seems that way because they're busting talkative and connected hipsters.
Detective Joseph Walker

Remember the cop from New Jersey who shot a motorist in a road rage incident on 97? He's claiming self-defense and gave an interview to the NY Post.

Lt. Parker Elliot, who was in charge of the NE District the day Tyrone West died* last July 18, has been reassigned to an undisclosed position. Still no cause of death has been released.

The CP's got the EPA's remarks on the Harbor Point site, and they're doozies: "[air and water test] results that are impossible, mathematically and practically," and references to obsolete equipment and improperly placed equipment. The Brew has more deets as well.

Friday, November 1, 2013

A Lotta Ladyparts

Whoa, the Nikita Levy class action lawsuit could have as many as 9,000 plaintiffs, and guy had 10 servers' worth of recorded material (though it's hard to know exactly what that means, as servers hold different amounts of data. But even if the servers were 10 years old, though, that's still a LOT.). Fortunately, victims are being identified by billing records, and presumably not by picking out their ladyparts portraits from a line-up.

Prosecutors are in trouble* after arranging to have two witnesses in the Robert G. Moore murder trial* have lunch together. You may recall, Moore is the sovereign citizen *who, with his "crew," "the untouchables,"* allegedly threatened the lives of prosecutors while awaiting trail for charges of ordering the deaths of seven people to avenge the murder of wrestler Darian Kess.*

In the county, Laquesha M. Lewis was found guilty* of conspiracy to commit the murder of her baby's father. (She looks *much* better on Facebook. What a difference makeup makes. Too bad you can't put concealer on your soul.)

County employees had their personal information stolen.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Must be a big-azz indictment...

From team Bernstein:
To discuss the results of a joint six-month investigation into an alleged murder and drug conspiracy, Baltimore City State’s Attorney Gregg L. Bernstein, Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld, Drug Enforcement Administration Assistant Special Agent in Charge Carl J. Kotowski, and U.S. Attorney for Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein will conduct a news conference tomorrow.
11 a.m. at the Mitchell Courthouse. What could it be? Mass quantities of narcotics? Clown- cars full of conspirators? A white girl? Possibly some newly uncovered conspirators from the McCants-Baker gang re. Cherrie Gammon? ... Money, Miami, Tay and Roland have been indicted federally).
UPDATE: Fenton reports it relates to murdered wrestler/ cancer survivor* Darian Kess, stabbed in the neck during a home invasion*.

National: Jeffrey Toobin on the backstory of Citizens United in the NYker this week