Monday, August 13, 2012

Lips together, teeth apart

Phylicia Barnes' accused killer Michael Johnson goes on trial today. (Expect today to be the first of many postponements)

But they're job creators! Luke Broadwater found $10 million of the city's unpaid water bills are owed by big business and major (non-tax-paying) nonprofits.

Chik-Fil-A H8trs vandalized a Fredneck location with glue, stickers and a rainbow flag.

UK's Daily Fail eulogizes De'Andre "Dukie" McCullough.

Speaking of fascist media, I'm always surprised at the appeal this blog and Baltimore crime issues apparently has to racist right-wing fascist types, eg this guy who constantly emails me with lead-ins like "the liberals are gonna HATE this!!" (yes, it's horrible to promote him in any way, but you should know what's out there, dear reader) (and why is "gay" in "quote marks?").

Speaking of big bidniz, how is it possible that our elected leaders could permit the prospective buyers of Sparrow's Point can remain un-public knowledge? (If you've ever wondered why Baltimore's demography is as it is, Sparrow's Point is why) Props to the Sun, who tracked down the bidder as one Thomas E. Roberts, a property developer in St. Louis, and to the Brew for staying on the original story like a dog-tick in August. Says commentor "An RG Creditor":
I just want to say that as an unsecured creditor, I have not received any information about this bankruptcy other than what I read on here. I have an attorney who I can't even afford since this has taken place. I still get no answers. There are so many small businesses that worked in the point and will now have to close. We will never get paid and lose our homes and everything we worked for because we can't pay our business loans and we don't have any work. We are not all rich because we have a little business. There are 1,000 to 5,000 creditors listed. I think it is just a way to push the debt away and quiet things down until after the election.... I have no say at all and I have an attorney!!!

So got my car broken into this morning in the 4600-block of Keswick. All that was taken was a tube of (used) Chanel lipstick. Ghosting party girls? Tranny crackheads? A gift for Mrs. Crackhead? The possibilities are fascinating! ... a neighbor says she also got her car broken into and they took only her chapstick. Maybe the crack pipe was giving them dry lips?


Cham said...

Maybe crackheads store their unused crack in tubular lip application containers. The containers would be ideal for small amounts of drugs and paper money. The chapsticks might not fool the fuzz on a pat-down but it might fool the neighborhood robber. Maybe your car-tosser thought there might be a treat in the Chanel. You never know.

UpperFells said...

Imagine the uproar if vandals had attacked a business with anti-gay marriage graffiti.

And why is that liberals seem disproportionately likely to engage in acts of vandalism? They're all for tolerance until they can't tolerate someone else's opposing views.

Maurice Bradbury said...

Living here is so educational. Well someone is the belle of the crack den.

Cham said...

I used to hang out at a bar years ago. A segment of the bar's patrons were a bunch of crack-addicted criminals. Every single one of the criminals was a proud Republican. They loved the idea of personal responsibility and would often quote Reaganisms about bootstraps and such, that is when they weren't stealing to feed their habit and searching for more crack. I don't know where anyone gets the idea that all criminals are liberals.

Somebody should visit a prison and do a study about the political leanings of the inmates. The conservatives would be quite surprised at the results.

Maurice Bradbury said...

well probably same uproar, there, Fells, a story in some local media outlet just like biannual swastikas spray-painted in the Jewish cemetery always gets. Why is it right-wingers have a disproportionate number of conspiracy-theoryish they're-all-out-to-get us blogs?

Also, bitch, please. Liberals "disproportionately likely to engage in acts of vandalism"? First, why bother to type if you're just going to make stuff up? (and if there's actual evidence of the political leanings of vandals, do share, sounds fascinating.)

But yes, the poor "Conservatives," victimized by stickers. Assuming Liberals are truthfully disproportionate stickering vandals, then it's fair to note that conservatives disproportionately "can't tolerate" gay/transgender people by murdering them randomly just for being gay, bullying anyone at school who isn't hetero-seeming enough, physically setting fire their cars and lining up for sandwiches to crow about how awesome it is gay people's kids don't have equal access to health insurance, to name a few. To be whining that your point of view can't take the "intolerance" of factual reporting ... you need to butch up there, milquetoast.

Cham I imagine convicts and the "poor me, I hurt my hand while hitting you" right-wingers would have a lot in common.

UpperFells said...

I never suggested that all criminals were liberals. There are plenty of conservative criminals, including (yes, mb) conservatives who commit anti-gay or racist violence. I'll concede that. F them. Throw them in jail.

I'm suggesting that politically motivated vandalism is disproportionately committed by liberals. Show me the conservative riots and looting after natural disasters. Show me the conservative equivalent to the annual riots at NATO and G8 summits.

Just pay attention, mb and cham, and you'll see evidence of politically motivated liberal vandalism far more of than the reverse.

Maurice Bradbury said...

"Pay attention" doesn't cut it, because humans have a way of paying selective attention when they have a pre-existing bias. Make with some science- studies on the political leanings of vandals-- perhaps you have a point. If all you have is suggestions, well, you probably have a bias.

And even with studies, of course, definitions matter. I wouldn't call a protest at the G8 summit a "riot," for instance. At the most recent one at Camp David there were some people in Thurmont holding some signs.

And what does "conservatism" mean any more, anyway? In the dictionary it's favoring tradition and being adverse to change, but in the past decade GW Bush et al took a radically new approach from our traditional post-WWII American way of dealing with things by championing policy like pre-emptive war and by bailing out failing banks. So if somebody scrawls "no war in Iraq" or "I hate TARP"-- is that 'conservative' or 'liberal' vandalism?

UpperFells said...

Fair enough, mb. Good points on GWB. I think there's a reason why those studies don't exist - the sociologists who study such things don't want to start with my hypothesis because it won't get funded. We'll agree to disagree on some of the other points.

And that's good list of things to do to avoid trouble in Bmore that you posted today. I just sent it to my sister who's 22 year old moving to Philadelphia.

Maurice Bradbury said...

I'm sure the Koch Brothers would love to fund such a study, but what would the point be? So 'liberals' are more prone to sticker-vandal and 'conservatives' are more prone to set gay people on fire, what then would one do with that information?