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Monday, April 28, 2014

Devil Returns, Flosses

A violent weekend after what seemed like a few weeks of relative peace.

Michael Small, 45, was charged.*
He was ID'd as Dennis Leon Settle, 39.

Family wants more attention paid to the case of Moon Hea Koo, a HoCo antiques picker found beaten and stabbed to death in the back of his car on Erdman Avenue* April 15.

Death row inmate John Booth-El found dead at North Branch,* his sister spoke with the Sun* last year.

Guess who's on trial again today? Michael Johnson, alleged killer of Phylicia Barnes.*

Taekwon "Pug" Ford of the "12 O'Clock Boys" documentary was injured and Tased® by police whilst dirtbiking Saturday night.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Task forces for some, shutdowns for others

"At least eight" shootings this past weekend,* one fatal (not counting the baby), one barricade situation in which one Walter McCoy shot his daughter's mother in the legs. It sounds like it was a bad weekend for shootings nationwide. Speaking of shootings, NPR did a story on the ridiculously low-tech way that weapons are traced. And the NYT detailed gun manufacturers' resistance to giving the feds any kind of help when it comes to tracking illegal dealers or suspicious purchases. Sniffed Jeffrey Reh of Beretta, "I can advise you that Beretta U.S.A.’s position is and has always been that the purchase by an individual of multiple firearms is not, in and of itself, evidence of improper or suspicious behavior.”

A second man, Cornell Harvey, was arrested for shooting one-year-old Carter Scott, a third suspect is still at large.

Following the BGF prison scandal, O'Malley's unleashing his scariest weapon: the task force.

Cherrie Gammon
Truth in stereotypes dept: Maryland members of the Outlaws motorcycle club "Maniac" and "Bugs" have pleaded guilty to dealing the crank.

A life sentence for Tyrone "Roland" Johniken for his role in the 2010 murder of block dancer Cherrie Gammon. Co-conspirator "Tay" got 40 years yesterday.

Fifteen years for Guatemalan cocaine dealer Edwin Galvez-Berganza.

Twenty years for York-Road-corridor crack dealer Kenneth Robinson.

The Historical Society has gotten back their documents stolen by Barry Landeau* and his Scott-Thorson-esque sidekick Jason Savedoff.

Michael Barnes re-trial postponed.

The police tried to cancel Kanye West's video projection* on the side of the Walters, citing a lack of proper permits, but Yeezy wasn't having it. This comes on the heels of the Pow Wow being shut down and the cancellation of the Moonrise and sex-fetish festivals. Why so much dislike for the First Amendment, BPD?

Monday, April 29, 2013

Plots thicken

Life for Policarpio Espinoza Perez, for three counts of conspiracy to commit murder. So he's 31.* At 40k a year if he lives to 70, that's $1.5 million to imprison him. Are we sure we don't want to outsource this to Mexico?

Daniel Nicholson, the lead detective in the Phylicia Barnes case, was officially charged with assault, burglary and making false statements to police.* Michael Johnson's appeal is set to start next month. Tweeted Fenton, Nicholson's charges are beyond the statute of limitations, yet his attorney agreed to them. Johnson's attorney says the charges prove that the police were sitting on the case, and it's kind of hard to disagree.

Oh my. Nick Mosby's wife, Marilyn, is planning to run against Bernstein for state's attorney,* blaming him for the (latest) BGF prison scandal, which, of all the things to accuse him of, makes the least sense, given that the state is in charge of the prisons. Also today, uberous inamorato "Bulldog" pleaded not guilty.* Scott Calvert Tweeted that he's being held in solitary in Hagerstown and is now moving to Cumberland.

And a guilty plea for malefactor mom Veronica Alford,* who helped cover up Monae Turnage's homicide.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Guns, crack, PCP and another Phylicia Barnes trial

A second trial for the convicted killer of Phylicia Barnes, Michael Johnson, because the defense didn't disclose the criminal history of the sole eyewitness, one James McCray. Understandable on some level, but on another, fckn whut? The ruling came from thrice- investigated Judge Alfred Nance is perhaps best known for jailing a woman who said "I love you" to her brother, being generally explosive and misogynistic, and for striking down the city's gun registry (which was just now upheld).

.. you probably heard that the Assault Weapons ban was effectively killed by the U.S. senate-- but perhaps that will give state and local courts more drive to pass local restrictions.

One Demond Taylor was found guilty of strangling his grandmother to death, which he did while high on PCP, which seems to be making a comeback-- every week or so some dusted-up driver gets busted on 295 and it's the drug of choice for xoJane/Vice writer Cat Marnell.

The president of the Har Sinai congregation was charged with laundering a crack dealer's money.

MD ranked 40/50 for state government transparency and accessibility to records in a Center for Public Integrity study.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

10 for 10

The teenager stabbed to death during yesterday's Ravens parade was ID'd as Deontae Smith, 15.* And a block away (but 10 hours before the parade) 22-year-old Darius Parks was stabbed to death.* Fenton notes, 

Day 770 of the Phylicia Barnes case, and the jury is deliberating.* Deliberations began yesterday; Judge Nance reportedly asked the jury if they wanted off to watch the Ravens parade and they declined.*

The Ink covers last week's seven homicides

A woman was found dead in Pikesville, and two children were found unharmed.

Baltimore's Inspector General, David McClintock is departing for the less-ethically-compromised climes of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. He will be replaced by a chimp with a stick.

A seemingly extreme number of robberies in the Southeast this past week.

Friday, February 1, 2013

'This is Not Judge Judy!'

Day 765 of the Phylicia Barnes case: the state has rested, and Fenton Tweeted that Judge Nance "gave a long speech" the essence of which was that he was "not impressed with the State's case." Also today prosecutors played an unintelligible jailhouse recording* and a neighbor testified he saw Johnson with a blue tote.

Adam Meister popped in on The Spectator's 3rd bail hearing, apparently it was actually a different judge, who was most focused on the possibility that AFJMcM might "Tweet" instead of showing up for trial. And naturally "It would not be a MacArthur hearing without audience drama," an audience member stood up prompting the Judge say "this is not Judge Judy." ... if only everything were Judge Judy. Put your hand down, MADAM!

Stolen in the Northern: Newports, stromboli, a makeup bag.

An arrest in yesterday's stabbing in Owings Mills

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hardworking defectives

Sounds like Michael Johnson's goose is cooked, stuffed and served up with a nice Chianti, but you never can tell what a jury might do. Today prosecutors read text messages from Johnson to his baby's mom, Tabitha Fickling, in which he said he was thinking about fleeing to where he couldn't be prosecuted.

WBAL just lost a poop-ton of credibility with a fawning report on the glories of Catholic schools. "more Baltimore-area Catholic school students are finishing high school and going onto college." But, laments the school Superintendent, "The challenge is always being enrollment." Gee, why might that be? "These economic times are challenging," she concluded. Oh, that must be the only possible reason why.

A 15-year-old was shot in the foot; but rest assured, WMAR reports that "defectives are working to figure out who shot him."

A Spanish-speaking man was stabbed in Owings Mills

Monday, January 28, 2013

Fathers, sisters, uncles of the year

A homicide, one Terry Williams was shot to death in the 400 block of Parksley Ave., Cham reports this is the city's 11th homicide of 2013.

Deana Barnes testified today* about being unable to reach Michael Johnson because his phone was off on the day Phylicia disappeared, Johnson's contradictory statements about when he last saw her, and about the video of drunken streaking that was apparently shown to the jury (but not the gallery of spectators). On Friday James McCray testified that Johnson had asked for his advice and help moving Phylicia's body.

Article in the NYT this weekend about new legal inroads towards restitution for child-pornography victims, and online has the story behind the story. Also in the NYT magazine: glorification of our fair city's illegal dirtbiking scene (so exotic!).

Patch crime blotters: a Chesapeake High student robbed by classmates, two Montgomery Ward freezers stolen and a cuckold threatened with a sword.

Homicide arrests in an AAC murder include a father-daughter team.

They said you'd have to be on crack to try to sell a slice of pie for $7, and unfortunately they were right.  One of the owners of Dangerously Delicious pies, Joey Belcher, died a mysterious and likely drug-and-alcohol-related death last month. The edgy pie chain is now down to one Baltimore location, in Canton.

The defense rested Friday in the Leopold case, with an orthopedic surgeon testifying that Leopold needed a catheter and was in horrible pain with deteriorated discs and leaking spinal fluid. Let that be a lesson to you, kids: two mistresses is too many.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Robbed, beaten, stabbed, raped, shot

A city officer shot and killed a man in the 500 block of N. Madeira St.* (in soon-to-be-redeveloped E. Baltimore) (non-Sun link)

A man was shot at the Lutherville Light Rail station and a suspect is still at large. You may recall in 2008 two teens were abducted from the same light rail station and one was raped, 22-year-old Kiheem Malik Taylor and 18-year-old Brian Scott were found/pleaded guilty in that case. Actually, a lot of stuff has gone down at and on the Light Rail

Opening statements in the Michael Johnson trial* told a tale of a feckless older sister, videotaped nude frolicking, a jailhouse snitch who Johnson alleged to have asked for help disposing of Phylicia Barnes' body (opines Fenton on Twitter, "My interpretation/analysis of the new witness is that prosecution isnt putting too much stock in him.... on its face, what he is saying is enormously crucial. But he was almost an afterthought in opening statements.") and the doomed teen being targeted by the 28-year-old's lust and text messages. ... Barnes' cause of death is still unknown.

One Daren Ruffin allegedly stabbed his wife Melissa to death, less than a week after being released after wife-beating charges*

A man was robbed and beaten on University Parkway (almost two weeks ago)

Somewhere Judge Prevas is toasting to this-- former Catholic-school teacher and convicted child rapist John Merzbacher will stay in jail.

The Hyatt Regency of Baltimore has paid to settle Federal charges of unfair labor practices.

Activist Kim Trueheart was released from Central Booking at 3:45 a.m. on Thursday.

Friday, January 25, 2013

A surprise witness

Prosecutors promised a witness who will say that he saw Phylicia Barnes' body on a bed before she disappeared during opening statements today.

Leopold acquitted!!! ... of some lesser lawn-sign-tampering charges. Charges of storing pee in a coffee can, having filthy old-man sex in the parking lot of a bowling alley and of gross and willful douchebaggery still stand. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Tale of Two Andersons

Cheshire and Bernstein are hosting a press conference on the Anthony Anderson case today at noon in Mitchell 506.

Another Anderson, Jamar, was convicted for 1st-degree murder for shooting at a woman and killing her cousin instead.

A jury has been selected for the Phylicia Barnes case, so presumably the five reporters are back in the courtroom today.

Man killed in Tuesday double shooting on N. Milton Ave is named Milton: Justin Lee Milton, 32. Police said he lived in NE Balt.

We have another homicide ID, the man killed on the 600 block of Milton 2 days ago is Justin Lee Milton, 32. From looking on the Judiciary he is originally from Hurlock in Talbot County and lived in Northeast Baltimore. He has no previous drug charges. This may be his FB page:

At Charles Village Civic Association meeting, where both Police Commissioner Batts and State's Atty Bernstein are visiting ... Director of  thinks progress being made w prostitution problem in southern part of district: "I think they're getting annoyed with us" ... Bernstein says in six of the 1st 10 mos of 2012, SAO had conviction rate over 70% while taking 13% more cases over prev yr  

The flippin Cold Spring Ro/Fo has been robbed yet again, for at least the 3rd time this year. Where are the pictures? I've heard if >$1,000 is taken police don't even request copies of the tape. ... So out of whose pocket comes the stolen cash? The franchise operator?

Good move, homeowner that took a picture of a burglary suspect he caught trying to break in his front door, bolt-cutting device in hand.

... I generally try to not think about Anne Arundel County, but this story's got it all-- coffee cans of urine, 45-minute trysts in a bowling alley parking lot, sign yankingboob talk and mistresses catfighting by their Daddy's hospital bed-- someone really ought to write a musical. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Personal Questions

A man shot to death in the head last night at E Monument and N Milton* is our 10th(?) murder of the year. The Ink details last week's three murders included two women, Melissa Davis (allegedly stabbed to death by her husband) and 17-year-old Michelle Adrian of Middletown, shot on West Baltimore street after following someone into a dark alley to buy drugs.

Judge Alfred Nance,
about 40 years ago
Down at the trial for Phylicia Barnes' alleged killer, Judge Alfred Nance reportedly wouldn't let reporters in the room for jury selection yesterday,* claiming there just wasn't any space because there were 200 prospective jurors and 125 courtroom seats. Uhm, so, doesn't that mean they have to bring prospective jurors over two batches anyway ... ? Fenton notes Nance has "been criticized in the past for asking personal questions of potential jurors, including asking women their marital status and criticizing the way a prospective juror wore his yarmulke. In 2001, Nance was issued a rare public reprimand by the judicial disabilities commission for behaving in an “undignified” and “demanding” manner toward women.Super. Jury selection continues today and tomorrow.

Fenton also Tweeted a photo of someone named Kim Trueheart getting arrested today at the courthouse. Police say she was "disorderly" at a press conference* last week, interrupting the Mayor with questions about the phone system, and Trueheart herself Tweeted that she was banned from City Hall. The Brew notes local yacktivists Sharon Black, Courtly Witherspoon and Tom Kiefaber have also been banned from city hall a/o charged with trespassing.

Ed Ericson Jr. mulls over the idea that publishing gun owners' personal information might help promote a fairer firearms licensing and permit system.

Justin George drops by the Ras-a-ter International Nightclub and Restaurant at 2103 N. Ave. (right), where seven people have been shot* over the past 14 months. The owner's now been charged with operating an illegal nightclub.

A resident of the Wells House drug treatment center on E. Baltimore Street allegedly threatened another resident with a butcher knife.

A group called "YES" has opened a drop-in center for homeless teens at 2315 N. Charles St.

Hagtown corrections officer Ryan Lohr is the 9th person to face Federal charges for the in-cell beating of inmate Kenneth Davis, the recipient of four beatings in 24 hours.

The CP has a tribute to Robert Chew, the actor who played Prop Joe on The Wire

Some fug fat guy exposed his dangly bits to some girls at the Columbia Mall.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Women in media, carjacking,
Mandingo fighting

After weeks of motions, trial starts today for Phylicia Barnes' alleged killer, Michael Johnson, with jury selection today and Judge Nance presiding. Fenton (or somebody) is "liveblogging" (?) the trial and says they're now considering trying to fit a 5'9" person into a 35-gallon plastic storage container* to see if it can be done. Blergh. Prosecutors say Johnson sent Barnes 500+ text messages before her fateful trip.  Fenton also posted Judge Nance*'s meticulous list of courtroom restrictions for reporters* that include a display period for reporters of exhibits, but no photos allowed. Men of media, round up your adjectives (all the crime reporters are all men now, aren't they?)
Ian Duncan notes, "The media attention Barnes' case received had the paradoxical effect of stoking public debate about missing minority children typically receiving less attention.*" Though given the sex tape and the lurid nature of it all, maybe it's not a bad thing that Nancy Grace is not vamping around-- nobody remind her this trial is happening, ok?

Happy 40th birthday, Roe v. Wade, and happy 40 years of wasting everyone's time with jackassed "personhood amendments," revolting fetus-corpse signs and other harassment, fake Christians. Fivedollarfeminist nails it:
"why sponsor legislation pretending that a tiny fetus is a person when you know it will never become law? Because it's more important to show your radical constituents that you believe a women has no right to control her own body than to actually do the work of passing [real] laws. Everyone's got priorities.
It's been 40 years. Mifepristone is a reality. All these people are doing are harassing women carrying non-viable fetuses. Enough already, "personhood" people. Time for RU-486 to be sold in fruit flavors at every bodega, next to Plan B (and that male bc pill we've been promised since the dawn of time).

It's Tuesday and this is a crime blog, let's revisit Ray Lewis' murder charges. (Anyone else think if Calvin Candie existed today he'd own a football team?)
AAC police are ISO convict Raynard Boston, right, wanted for shooting a bouncer and another guy outside the My Place bar in Odenton Saturday.
Also in AAC: more rape at the Naval Academy.

Some drunk-mick city officer, left, pointed his gun at Towsonites. Looks like a real mouthbreather.

The Patch's Sean Tully is pissed about rats.

Have you seen these Nicka conspirators?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First homicide of 2013 = a baby

That does not bode well. The first murder of the year was a 7-month-old baby, Kendell Brown, killed by his own father, Francois Brown. Also the first baby of 2013 was a preemie born to an obese mother.

The Phylicia Barnes sex tape will be played in open court.* Euugh.

Dead Man Inc.'s Perry "Rock" Roark was officially given life in prison.* The current leader of the gang, James Sweeney, says Roark is a "snitch," Roark's lawyers dispute this. Roark says he's "a clear product of my environment."

A robbery sting netted some BGF members*

A massive child-pornography sweep netted 245 pervs nationwide and internationally, including one Robert Marzola of Essex, left.

The third trial for Espinoza and Canela, the alleged killers of three children, will happen in March*

The city plans to replace all 83 of the $450k-worth of speed cameras* that they bought.

Monday, December 31, 2012


... will be the 2012 murder total, if Baltimoreans can refrain from killing anyone else for 240 more minutes. Victim 216 was killed Friday and ID'd as Monday Griffin, age 18. Last year we had 197 murders, 
2010 = 223
2009 = 237;
2008 was 234;
2007 was 291;
2006 was 274; 
2005 was 269. So while 216 isn't great, it also isn't the crazy totals we were seeing in the O'Malley mayorial years, either.

There's apparently a sex tape of Phylicia Barnes and her alleged killer,* which means even if he gets out of murder charges he could get charged with underage-sex offenses, right?

Fenton Instagram'd a picture of what you look like from the police helicopter cam, which is a sight better than the pole camera view.

Don Dwyer has (finally) been charged for his August drunken-boating boondoggle, just in time to watch gay people get married, ding ding! An 80's movie couldn't have conjured a better come-uppance (minus the  5-year-old with the fractured skull, of course).

From Salon: the NRA's war on gun-safety research. And the NYT quotes Bealefeld in a story on how the ATF's ability to share data on firearms sales has been limited.

Care to step in the wayback machine? Here's BCrime's 2005 "the year that was", 2009, and 2011

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

That's uncredible!

Michael Johnson is due to go to trial next month for the murder of Phylicia Barnes, now Fenton says that defense attorneys say that a witness says* that he saw Barnes in Cecil County, alone, before she died. Also the lead detective on the case was suspended for going rogue in search on his own missing daughter before Johnson was arrested. Hrm.

A hearing is scheduled today* for Alexander Kinyua, the Morgan Student who killed and then ate pieces of Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie.  A week before Agyei-Kodie's murder, he also allegedly beat a fellow student with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

School-threat recap: threats at Arundel High = not credible. Threats at Laurel Junior High = credible.

Van Smith writes about the real backstories of a couple of guys who inspired The Wire

The Ink covers last week's four murders

What the heck? An alleged stranger walked up to a house in the 500 block of E. 30th street and fired a shotgun at it multiple times.

According to the Baltimore Guide blotter, the 500 block of N. Potomac is a burglar's buffet

The Patch's area blotter includes people robbed while waiting at a bus stop, because your life is just not shitty enough while you're waiting at a bus stop.

Who knew? It's apparently now common to smuggle booze from MD to NY, where state taxes are higher.

Bostonian, Miamian start work in SRB's admin. So city police won't live in the city, city council members like Rikki Spector won't live in their own districts, and no one from Baltimore is fit to hire to work for the mayor. Got it.

Well, that's nice, the women behind that anti-rape-culture Victoria's Secret parody,* Rebecca Nagle and Hannah Brancato, are from Baltimore.* (psst, Victoria's secret is ... South Carolina prisoners)

So much for West side redevelopment; the city's now selling off the "Superblock" at fire-sale prices

Monday, August 13, 2012

Lips together, teeth apart

Phylicia Barnes' accused killer Michael Johnson goes on trial today. (Expect today to be the first of many postponements)

But they're job creators! Luke Broadwater found $10 million of the city's unpaid water bills are owed by big business and major (non-tax-paying) nonprofits.

Chik-Fil-A H8trs vandalized a Fredneck location with glue, stickers and a rainbow flag.

UK's Daily Fail eulogizes De'Andre "Dukie" McCullough.

Speaking of fascist media, I'm always surprised at the appeal this blog and Baltimore crime issues apparently has to racist right-wing fascist types, eg this guy who constantly emails me with lead-ins like "the liberals are gonna HATE this!!" (yes, it's horrible to promote him in any way, but you should know what's out there, dear reader) (and why is "gay" in "quote marks?").

Speaking of big bidniz, how is it possible that our elected leaders could permit the prospective buyers of Sparrow's Point can remain un-public knowledge? (If you've ever wondered why Baltimore's demography is as it is, Sparrow's Point is why) Props to the Sun, who tracked down the bidder as one Thomas E. Roberts, a property developer in St. Louis, and to the Brew for staying on the original story like a dog-tick in August. Says commentor "An RG Creditor":
I just want to say that as an unsecured creditor, I have not received any information about this bankruptcy other than what I read on here. I have an attorney who I can't even afford since this has taken place. I still get no answers. There are so many small businesses that worked in the point and will now have to close. We will never get paid and lose our homes and everything we worked for because we can't pay our business loans and we don't have any work. We are not all rich because we have a little business. There are 1,000 to 5,000 creditors listed. I think it is just a way to push the debt away and quiet things down until after the election.... I have no say at all and I have an attorney!!!

So got my car broken into this morning in the 4600-block of Keswick. All that was taken was a tube of (used) Chanel lipstick. Ghosting party girls? Tranny crackheads? A gift for Mrs. Crackhead? The possibilities are fascinating! ... a neighbor says she also got her car broken into and they took only her chapstick. Maybe the crack pipe was giving them dry lips?