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Monday, March 3, 2014

Grumpy Old Men

William Brown
One Andre Hill, 50, was stabbed to death in the 3600 block of Seven Mile Lane,* and "person of interest" is in custody, 53-year-old William Brown.

Kevin Carroll
Kevin Barnell Caroll, 34, was charged for the murder of MTA driver Craig Ray Jr.  Ray was shot in the back in what his family* and police say was an ongoing argument about loud music.*

Back in the old BCrime archives, a commenter noted that the case of Zukael Stephens, accused of beating transgender activist Marcus Rogers to death and setting his apartment on fire in 2006, has become an episode of "Forensics: You Decide." Spoiler alert, Stephens was mistakenly released by prosecutors who mistakenly dropped all charges* somehow then was later found not guilty by a jury.*

Police say the murder of Sean Johnson, 12, in 2011
,* was the result of the BGF's Danyae Robinson, 31, and Derrick Brown, 20, going on a random rampage to send a message.

Someone set a Cadillac SUV on fire in Brooklyn, police are looking for a suspect who possibly has "burned hands."

Reason 5,364 why I will miss the City Paper so, so much: stories such as "Money-laundering case sheds light on Maryland's grease-theft economy." Apparently selling used grease is a way to launder money. TIL. 

WTF, you guys? A woman in labor and her partner were robbed at gunpoint * allegedly by the two guys at right, 24-year-old Devery Kelley of Annapolis and 44-year-old Cornell Robinson of Washington, D.C. Now that is cold. Meanwhile Del. Mary Washington has introduced a bill to stop the shackling of inmates during labor, birth and recovery, the House Judiciary Committee has passed an amended bill and tomorrow there's a Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee hearing. ... Starting to think that men don't really get what labor is about, if they think it's necessary to be all with the shackling and the guns and such.

Corrections lieutenant Jason Weicht was acquitted of civil-rights and obstruction-of-justice conspiracy charges-- the only one of the 15 charged in the beating death of Kenneth Davis to not be convicted of something.

Shots were fired at McDaniel College in sleepy Westminster, and Sunday morning someone tried to rob a student with a knife.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Look at Me! Look at Me!

Club 2 O'Clock on The Block is known for its refinement and its classy, quality entertainment, yet somehow three people --including two teenagers-- were stabbed there this weekend. One, Jesse Clark-Nugent, age 19, died, the other victims were aged 17 and 30. I guess 21 and up is just kind of a suggestion?

Also at around 2 a.m. Sunday morning there was a fight and a man shot in the shoulder at Club YOLO at 4502 Erdman Ave.

And two people were stabbed at the Hot Skates Roller Skating Center in Woodlawn Saturday night.
Maryland Reporter Len Lazarik reports that the cell phone blocking at the jail is also blocking calls outside of the jail a block away. He also notes that Jeffrey Toobin of the New Yorker is working on a longer piece about the city jail's woes.

David Paschall,
via MySpace
Father and son team Chad and David Paschall, 28 and 54, pleaded guilty to selling heroin, Oxycodone and cocaine out of their auto body shop on Desoto Road, and to commercial burglaries in four states. They were apparently allegedly part of a larger 16-person crime ring, and one Carl Paschall was also involved, relation unknown. Their indictment also alleged that they sold drugs inside Lexington Market, and in Jessup prison. Said David during his most recent arrest, "Yeah, I sell Percocets, but it isn't a big deal.*"

The mayor is giving a "state of the city" speech today,* focusing on violent crime. She plans to implement a full-scale Operation Ceasefire, aka Operation Safe Streets. The city launched the program, devised by criminologist David M. Kennedy in 2007 with federal money, but in 2009 a worker was one of 12 people wounded* at the notorious Blackwell Brothers cookout, and SRB herself yanked the funding in 2010 after a DEA indictment tied Safe Streets to multiple members of the BGF. The city re-launched Safe Streets in 2012* after the DOJ proffered $2.2 million to continue the efforts, but the program came into question again last December when Nathan Barksdale, an outreach worker, was indicted for dealing heroin at the behest of the BGF.* Or is this a totally different thing? Explained Fenton,
"Our current Safe Streets program with gang members mediating violence is based off of Chicago’s Ceasefire Program. Kennedy has a program called Ceasefire that involves “call-ins” where dangerous guys are provided services and told to reform or face federal prosecution. When he brought it here in the 1990s, they called it… “Safe Streets.”
So we have Chicago’s Ceasefire and call it Safe Streets, and now we’re bringing in Kennedy’s Ceasefire, which we called Safe Streets before but will presumably now be referring to Ceasefire. "
Michael Campbell
So, ew, Michael Campbell, a man arrested on January 20 for rape and sexual assault of his fiancee's 23-year-old daughter on Hunter Street, is also the athletic director of Whitley County High School in New Jersey Kentucky. Dude is now on unpaid leave,  reports the local Times-Tribune.

Jury selection starts today in the trial of the last two officers charged in the 2008 death of inmate Kenneth Davis at Roxbury in Hagerstown.

Baltimore-themed rowhouse dollhouse includes Utz chips and a bag of weed.

Tracy Halvorsen's essay "Baltimore, You're Breaking My Heart" has inspired rebuttals: "Baltimore, You're Not Breaking My Heart," "Whose Heart is Baltimore Breaking, Really?" an assortment from the City Paper, "Baltimore, You're Breaking My Car," and my personal favorite from the That Guy's On Heroin guy, "Baltimore City, Stop Your Bitching." ("Can we stop fucking whining and learn to sack up already?... The title of the blog post should have just been 'Look at me! Look at me!'")

A Glen Burnie drug raid turned up a pretty amazing pen gun.

In AAC guns were stolen from an unmarked, unlocked police car.

Delta flight 1199 from Salt Lake City to BWI was diverted to Minneapolis after a drunk woman freaked the fuck out. Her helpful fellow passengers naturally shot and uploaded video to YouTube.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Foreign Crabs and Fentanyl

Thirty-two months* for Jasmine "JT" "Target Telephone 9" Thornton, Correctional Officer, BGF conspirator and alleged paramour of inmate and co-defendant Jamar "Hamma Head" Anderson. For what it's worth, Anderson was convicted in 2009 of murdering 17-year-old John Person while aiming for his cousin, who had the audacity to call the police on Anderson after he burgled her house.

Tsambikos Diakoloukas, shot during a robbery in 1982,* is the city's 28th homicide of 2014.

A man was shot during a robbery attempt in Woodbrook yesterday afternoon.

In the Southeast a 12-year-old girl was robbed while walking to Patterson Park Public Charter school.*

BGE scammers are at it again-- this time a fake BGE guy robbed a 70-year-old woman.

The City Paper answers a question: why add fentanyl to heroin? Short answer, dealers are under pressure from law enforcement, it's easy to make at home with handy ingredients and recipes online, has a similar effect to heroin and/but is 100 times stronger, which is why death happens. Bad timing dept: a vote scheduled today in the Senate to change the city's needle-exchange program to a "take all the needles you want" program.

Nikki DeMotto
Cham points out that you should think before you post about your 'licks' and 't-rolls' online, especially if you have a Facebook friend named Nikki DeMotto-- DeMotto is the director of the city police watch center and also its official "social media miner."

John Wesley Mosey was arrested for setting that house fire in Essex.

Portunus pelagicus,
aka a Phillips Crabcake.
Maryland Reporter rounds up the goings-on in the state house, which includes bills on truth in seafood labeling,* a marijuana work group, parents griping about Common Core and a resolution to ask the Redskins to change their team name. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


SRB just says no to legal pot. "I'm not going to be waving the Schmoke flag."
   Funny, Schmoke presided over all kinds of steaming hot messes as mayor: privatizing public schools with shiteous results and 90 city schools taken over by the state due to excessive crapulence, all while simultaneously emblazoning the "City that Reads" slogan on bus benches, misusing and losing federal housing funds, crony hires with plush salaries ... but all of his epic missteps have been long forgotten in favor of mocking his one brave, bold, good idea. But it was an idea before its time, and the vituperative knee-jerk backlash from conservatives has obvz spooked mayors for decades to come, including ours, and probably set the NORML cause back 20+ years. History will vindicate Kurt Schmoke on the pot issue, but in the present the spanking continues.

And vindication for Jason Weinstein
, former assistant U.S. Attorney in Baltimore responsible for high-profile busts like Itchy Man, Ed Norris and the guy who burned the Dawson family to death. In 2012 he "resigned" from the DOJ to take the fall for Operation Fast and Furious* after Republicans blamed him for the Bush-era program. Now it's come to light that the DEA had been working with the Sinaloa drug cartel since the late 1990s, a decade before Weinstein came on the scene. But a "happy" ending, since the WaPo story was published, Weinstein landed a job with Steptoe & Johnson LLP, sacrificing his populist morals for big $$ white-collar criminal defen$$$e.

In other potlitical news, Van Smith interviewed rising gubernatorial candidate Heather Mizeur.

Corrections officer Taryn "Mrs. Loney" Kirkland got 3 1/2 years for her part in jailhouse drug-smuggling,* her inmate lover Steven Loney got 9 years.

Gregg Bernstein has raised $340k for the State's Attorney's race,* 20 times more than his closest competitor. His contributors include the Orioles and Harbor Point's Michael Beatty.

Six middle-schoolers-- three boys and three girls between the ages of 13 and 14-- were arrested for assaulting a woman on the light rail near the Westport stop.

A man was beaten with a brick, robbed and carjacked in Canton.

Chad Kinney, head of the CitiStat program, was fired after a mere 17 months on the job for reasons undisclosed. And the city has agreed to pay a New York company $286,000 to redesign the city's web site,* because there are no web companies in Baltimore.

"What if I smack the shit out of you?" "What if I pull this pistol out?," a dog owner lured onto the baseball fields and robbed in Patterson Park and a rape thwarted per the victim's request in the Baltimore Guide east side crime blotter.

A man threatening to shoot his mother, a guy robbed for his coat and lots of American cars stolen in the North Baltimore blotter.*

12 years for crack dealer Donte Cox

A 13-year-old boy was awarded a $50k settlement* in a wrongful-arrest case.

Statistics corner: there were 761 drug overdose deaths in Maryland in 2012, of those 378 were from hairron. H ODs in 2011 = 245.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Poor writing, weak testifying

A barricade situation at E. Lombard and S. Eaton is backing up traffic-- sounds like the barriccaders are the guys who held up Hopkins Federal on Pratt Street.

So after pressure from the city council, the BPD has made with the Plan, which sounds basically like the same as the old plan (guns! Violent offenders! No redistricting!) but now with a hat tip to "gangs." The Brew deftly notes that the real reveal is in the back pages of the 200-page document, "a disturbing portrait of a dysfunctional department," including 40 percent of shifts staffed by $$ overtime, the much-touted Violent Repeat Offenders program laid waste by apathy and too many offenders and too few priorities, one-fourth of cases dismissed because officer simply don't show up to court, too few detectives, "poor" report writing and "weak" testifying.

Fenton says police say suspects have been arrested* in the "Alameda Corridor" robberies.

In the latest chapter of the BGF Jail Scandal, 14 corrections officers (including one now serving in Afghanistan), a kitchen worker, two inmates and two outside suppliers have been indicted for racketeering.* However, notes Van Smith, no supervisor has yet been charged, in spite of many affidavits asserting that higher-ups not only knew what was going on but profited from bribes. This makes 39 people indicted so far, with 10 guilty pleas entered.

A 14-year-old has been arrested* for the rape of the 11-year-old girl on Pratt Street November 3rd.

Police are ISO this guy who committed a robbery inside Mondawmin mall November 11th.

Justin Fenton is set be on Midday with Rodericks at 12:20 today, talking the Plan and Stop n Frisk.

Chris Montcalmo
Media blabber: a source tipped us off that the guy behind the Baltimore News Journal is one Chris Montcalmo, who outed himself when he mistakenly hit "reply all" to a police press release. He's apparently an expert in search engine optimization, bridal bouquets and baby sleep patterns and lives in Perry Hall. Why the secrecy, I wonder?

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Shooters Wore White

A man shot multiple times on Laurens Street has died. Cham found a photo (of the victim while he was alive).

Police released a video and Tweeted a chilling photo of the suspect who killed David Porter, 42, in a barbershop at 4419 block of Frankford Avenue. Related? (or not?) Jayne Miller reported that many of the BGF co-defendants are over the age of 40, even though higher-ups in the gang are in their 20s, because of the Guerillas' apparent belief that older guys are less likely to attract the attention of detectives.

Sullen teen rapist
Police are ISO a teenage boy who raped an 11-year-old girl (yeah, 11, that's not a typo) in the 1900 block of Pratt Street on Sunday the 3rd, they have released a sketch and say the suspect is a black teen, about 13-16 years old with orange headphones.

Also caught on camera: a portly-yet-lithe shooter in a beret (?) in the 1100 block of Pennsylvania Avenue. Given his stance (and a lack of reports) I assume he didn't actually hit anyone.

Damon Williams, Adrian Walden and Solomon Dunn: three guys arrested in Towson for that string of robberies after they knocked over the 7-11 on Sherwood Road -- BoCo police say they could be connected to as many as a dozen.* (Non-Sun link)
Deltona Harrison

Cham found a photo of murder victim Delonta Harrison. The Internet says he's throwing the sign for the Latin Kings, but I'm not entirely sure the Internet knows what it's talking about.

The city jail is making a big PR push to prove it's less of a corrupt craphole these days.

Hannukah is coming! How about a gang sign USB drive or jewelry made out of a melted-down Newark handgun for under the menorah this year?

Mugshots du jour:

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Out of Control

Because the holidays are approaching? Instability in the ranks of the BGF? The barometric pressure? Whatever the reason, Delonta Harrison, 19, was killed early this morning in the NW* on Arbutus Ave., yesterday's victim on Edgecombe Circle Drive was ID'D as Brian Curtis Sims Jr., 28. Fenton tweets that the Arbutus Ave. murder with the 9th in 10 days.

The Ink details last week's eight murders: The Berrain brothers, Kurt and Karl; Kenneth Ray Stowers, Tyree Taylor; Katria Drummond; Ricky Thomas; Tracy Love; David Henry Parker.

"It's coming in through staff's body orifices." Former guard at the detention center Shavella Miles dished the dirt to WJZ's Vic Carter. And the CP has some deets on lesser-known federal BGF cases.
The Brew's events page includes this Jennifer Bishop photo.
That is all.

What?! The Baltimore Guide claims that there were no robberies reported in the Southest between Nov. 3-9.

Norma Jean's Gentleman's Club has lost the lawsuit brought by a dancer who said the club was illegally calling her a "contractor," and not an employee, and now a second employee has filed a suit alleging she was fired for agreeing to testify on behalf of the first employee.

In Gambrills, a drug bust at St. Mary's Lane daycare.*

Drivers in Canton and Towson were scammed by a fake dent-and-scratch repair guy.

Del. Heather Mizeur has named the Rev. Delman Coates, a Baptist paster, as her running mate.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Toddlers Toting Guns Now

Last night a man was shot twice in the 200 block of Collins Ave* (but he's still alive);  a man shot in the arm in the 2200 block of Parkton Street in Yale Heights; a man shot in the leg in the 4200 block of Fairhaven Avenue; a man shot in the thigh* in the 5100 block of Park Heights Ave. Friday night: a fatal shooting in the 4400 block of Frankford Avenue,* the victim was ID'd as David Porter, 42; a double shooting on Athol Avenue, a man shot on W. Preston Street. Yet no shootings on Saturday or Sunday night? Odd, if true.

Eleven raids, er, executed search warrants, on the East Side near 1600 E. Lanvale. Justin George reports that about 150 officers were ISO 20 people*: three shooting suspects and two homicide suspects, the rest being drug dealers, I guess. So how did it go? "Police arrested at least one suspect."

Robert Long
Last weekend the Sun ran Ian Duncan's interview with Demetrius Smith*. Smith was the guy who was wrongfully convicted of killing Robert Long in 2008. Smith was released in May, and Jose Morales was convicted of soliciting the murder. Duncan's account hangs the wrongful conviction on two lying witnesses, but as Ed Ericson Jr.'s article in the CP detailed last month, there was a whole lot more to it than that.

Huh? Whut? Erica Green reports that last year city schools suspended 33 3- and -4-year-olds from pre-K. "Most of the students were suspended for physical attacks on teachers or students, though a handful were suspended for offenses such as sexual activity, possession of a firearm or other guns, inciting a public disturbance, and vandalism.*" What??? Possession of a firearm?  Sexual activity? At 3? How is this even possible?  ... in other education news, an audit found that the state neglected to distribute $17.2 million in financial aid to college students.* Could have given it out, didn't.

Dan Rodericks revisits Smith v. MD,* a 1976-1978 purse-snatching case that was eventually to provide justification in the secret FISC court for the NSA's mass spying programs.

Oh geeze, so for years this guy Colin Flaherty has been writing me, Salon, and apparently any and every functioning e-mail address he could get his mitts on to promote his book "White Girl Bleed a Lot," a screed that has as its hypothesis that there are roving mobs of black people are going around attacking white people on the regular, with claims are based on a cherry-picked collection of  YouTube clips and anecdotes (because the press is "ignoring, condoning and denying" this secret rapacious pandemic, of course). Pretty nutty. But guess who's taking it seriously? The Washington Times, for one, and now the American Family Association's One News Now, which is apparently doubling down on its race-baiting strategy.

Oh, and 800,000 gallons of raw sewage flowed into the Gunpowder Falls. Eww!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Black 48

edited video capture
of uncredited Tribune photo
Apparently while they were out of jail the OG BGF and Young BGFs held their meetings at Mund Park at E. 24th and Greenmount, where Batts and StephRB press conferenced yesterday.*

Thursday, November 7, 2013

200th homicide, 48 indictments

Bernstein, Batts and the mayor held a press conference with some large news: 48 indictments against members of the familia de guerrilleros negros. The Major Investigations Unit has been majorly investigating this bunch since 2005, and has tied that various alleged members to drugs, murder, guns, witness intimidation and various and sundry other gangly activities. 
     For those of you keeping track, murder victims of the gang are alleged to have included Neil Davis, Donatello Fenner, Carlos Williams, Justin Kendricks, Moses Malone, Trevon White, Lamarr Tucker, Dante Jordan, Rakim Muhammad, Adrian Holiday, Anthony Taylor, Gregory Rochester, Keenan McCargo, Byron Dickey, Kevin Hodges, and Lamontae Smith.
There are a lot of redacted names-- the snitches, I presume?
     Besides the number of indictments and corpses, it's also noteworthy that they were prosecuted under the Gang Prosecution statute of 2007, chapter 496, which makes having an "ongoing association" with a gang engaged in criminal activity a crime itself. While most of the defendants are also facing additional charges, some-- Warren Commodore, Tayvon Jefferson, Kashif Kittrell, Tavon Thompson, Jesse Tate, Marquise McCants and three defendants whose names were redacted-- are charged only with being in a gang. This would seem to be a clear violation of the Constitutional right to free association, and it'll be interesting to see what a judge will think about that. 

A woman was shot to death early this morning in the 1500 block of W. Baltimore Street, she was the city's 200th murder of 2013.

A priest who worked at Archbishop Curley High in the 70s, Michael Kolodziej, is being investigated for ... do I even need to finish this sentence? At this point can we just call it "the usual"?

WTF? Our state has the 4th-highest marijuana arrest rate, paying $106 million in just a single year to enforce pot laws that the majority of citizens don't agree with. And while the arrest rate for white people has stayed about the same over the past decade. the arrest rate for black people has more than doubled, I guess thanks to O'Malley's devotion to the much-debunked "arrest everybody" theory* of crime reduction.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Androids for inmates

Following CBS Evening News' story on Carol Ott and her Slumlord Watch last week, the Sun's Ian Duncan wrote about* Nether Baltimore's Wall Hunter project to paint murals on said slum properties. Today in the CP Ed Ericson Jr. stone-cold busts Ian Duncan, Justin George and Carrie Wells not doing their homework checking Rochkind's lawyer Danny Stenger's claim that Rochkind didn't control the property at 4727 Old York Road (... but if he did, added the lawyer, the Exodus-themed mural would be a "hate crime.") Looking forward to that correction. And y'know, really, the mural project is gifting these slum bums with valuable works of art. If Rochkind had any sense of money (or sweet irony) he'd remove the mural and donate it to a museum for a write-off ... or sell it to Bank of America or Wells Fargo to install in the lobby of their corporate HQ, hyuk.

Justin George tweeted that Jennifer Owens,* "corrections officer accused of smuggling drugs into Baltimore jail & having relations with BGF gang leader, pleads guilty ... To one count of racketeering conspiracy. Sentencing is in January." Notable "J.O." quote from the CP“I understand you stressed out, cuz you locked up, ok, but I am too. You locked up, and I’m fucking pregnant again. Like really, who the fuck does that? Only my dumb ass do shit like that, for real. I can accept that I fucked up. I know I did, but I did that shit cuz I wanted to. I don’t regret it.”  That makes two BGF perps who have taken pleas so far, 23 to go.

A woman was shot to death in Parkville while putting her 3-year-old in the car.
Brekford's speed cameras are up, so why hasn't the city turned them on yet?* Waiting for Harbor Point rage to dissipate first?

Doug "Androids for inmates*" Gansler gets even less appealing, now claiming Anthony Brown is running on his African-Americanness. FWIW Brown's parents are Swiss and Jamaican.

MoCo PoPo ISO victims of pervy old music teacherSilver Spring Elementary School teacher Lawrence Wesley Joynes, he's been charged with sexually abusing 14 girls so far.

Karla Porter's jury still deliberating guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty, of first-degree murder and = five other related counts.

Matthew VanDyke's Syria short copped some pixels on the Business Insider site

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Task forces for some, shutdowns for others

"At least eight" shootings this past weekend,* one fatal (not counting the baby), one barricade situation in which one Walter McCoy shot his daughter's mother in the legs. It sounds like it was a bad weekend for shootings nationwide. Speaking of shootings, NPR did a story on the ridiculously low-tech way that weapons are traced. And the NYT detailed gun manufacturers' resistance to giving the feds any kind of help when it comes to tracking illegal dealers or suspicious purchases. Sniffed Jeffrey Reh of Beretta, "I can advise you that Beretta U.S.A.’s position is and has always been that the purchase by an individual of multiple firearms is not, in and of itself, evidence of improper or suspicious behavior.”

A second man, Cornell Harvey, was arrested for shooting one-year-old Carter Scott, a third suspect is still at large.

Following the BGF prison scandal, O'Malley's unleashing his scariest weapon: the task force.

Cherrie Gammon
Truth in stereotypes dept: Maryland members of the Outlaws motorcycle club "Maniac" and "Bugs" have pleaded guilty to dealing the crank.

A life sentence for Tyrone "Roland" Johniken for his role in the 2010 murder of block dancer Cherrie Gammon. Co-conspirator "Tay" got 40 years yesterday.

Fifteen years for Guatemalan cocaine dealer Edwin Galvez-Berganza.

Twenty years for York-Road-corridor crack dealer Kenneth Robinson.

The Historical Society has gotten back their documents stolen by Barry Landeau* and his Scott-Thorson-esque sidekick Jason Savedoff.

Michael Barnes re-trial postponed.

The police tried to cancel Kanye West's video projection* on the side of the Walters, citing a lack of proper permits, but Yeezy wasn't having it. This comes on the heels of the Pow Wow being shut down and the cancellation of the Moonrise and sex-fetish festivals. Why so much dislike for the First Amendment, BPD?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A pound of loud

Despite his pleas that he has plans to record a workout video, Judge Wanda Heard called rapist Alvin Ray Wright Sr. a "monster" and gave him four life terms for raping a 13-year-old victim in the basement of a vacant rowhouse.

Three overnight shootings, no suspects, no motives, etc.

Today in BGF prison follies, Fenton posted the Tavon White affidavit which has some pretty entertaining conversation transcripts and info-- apparently the price of sex with one of 14 ass-peddling corrections officers was $150 (a lot if you're only making 75 cents a day). And of course White's lawyer is griping about the conditions in Cumberland*-- the Grey Goose is warm, the salmon is previously frozen and the kitchen hookers are all dudes. Judge Holland has scheduled a two-month jury trial on racketeering charges for June ... June 2014.

Customs Enforcement here seems to have busted an international Bitcoin money-laundering operation.

HOLY SHIT A PIPE BOMB!! Well, it's Taneytown, did anyone nazi that coming? ... in case you're not from around here, Taneytown is perhaps best known for its inveterate KKK Klavern,  which was still vandalizing houses,* affixing Klan stickers to urinals and parading down the middle of the street* and in broad daylight relatively recently.

Another murder in Columbia, victim is Omar Oliver, 39.

What time is it? Time to get a whole bunch of your shit stolen in the Southeast.

A woman kicked down her ex's door in Pikesville.

The woman shot by police in Pikesville, Stephanie Kamlot, also allegedly assaulted her former neighbor in the parking lot of the Seven Mile Market last year.

"Sex fetish festival canceled in Canton"

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oh, Jamar.

Markell S. Jones pleaded guilty to killing Freddie Jones Jr., 52, (no relation) in the Yau Bros. carryout in 2011. Jones, then 17, was caught on tape and brought into the police station by his parents. Fenton Tweeted that last week Jones said on the stand that his confession was coerced.

Yikes, a home-invasion robbery in Hampden-- gun-toting robbers purloined video games and a laptop in the 3500 Chestnut Avenue.

Allegation: city woman was beaten by police for filming a police beating.

A child sex offense was reported in Arbutus, but not many details, other than one was an adult, one was a juvenile and they were "classmates."

The woman shot by police in Pikesville will be charged with assault.

Today's Arnold/Bulmer case update: Fenton & Dresser have charging docs and the detail that Bulmer texted Arnold a picture of the murder weapon, she approved.*

Police are charging the guy at left, Jamar Davis, for breaking into more than two dozen vehicles in AAC.

So did not see this coming: 30 days of jail time ordered for boozy-boating homophobe Don Dwyer, which is really unusual for a first-time offense (though a five-year-old's skull was fractured, so there's that). Dwyer has appealed.

Alleged BGF member Austin "Yellow" Roberts pleaded guilty to drug-trafficking-related charges downy shore. Roberts was named as a top drug lieutenant in the 2009/2010 "Grey Goose and salmon" prison scandal, but he's been on the run until he was nabbed in San Diego last December, once again with a crapton of cash in a secret compartment in his car. In other BGF news, Tavon White's lawyer wants him transferred out of state, and if you want to watch Bill O'Reilly call Gary Maynard a "moron," the CP's got your hookup.

Amazed that the story that the Justice Department accessed phone records 20 phone lines at the AP for two months has not garnered a whole lot of attention. The monitored records included reporters' home and personal cell phone numbers, and reporters at the AP still don't know exactly who was monitored or precisely why. And most puzzlingly, somehow it was all legal.

Arts & culture: NPR investigates the Baltimorean use of "yo" as a pronoun

Friday, April 26, 2013

Cowboy hats

Kelvin Moyd, 49, was murdered in broad daylight in Belair- Edison.*

Today in fecund felon news, ooo, a "special session!" Are lawmakers going to ride the short bus to get there? Correction, WBAL, Tavon "Bulldog" White actually reportedly fathered five children/fetuses, two with the same guard, if el WaPo is to be believed. Reportedly officials knew about the gang ties of 11 corrections officers as far back as 2006 and five of the alleged gang members are still working there.* The official response in 2006? A demand from the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services that the guy who wrote the report stop writing reports. And not too long after that, the General Assembly passed a law giving corrections officers more protections from being fired.

And a bureau of prisons employee has admitted to taking kickbacks from a moving company used to relocate prison employees.

Terry Addison, alleged BGF member arrested for the murder of 16-year-old Daniel Pearson in 2012 and currently in the Detention Center for an armed robbery, is now reportedly paralyzed from the waist down. Wonder if Bulldog had anything to do with that.

 Aaron Pross will enhotten
your Pinterest
What 16-year-old girl doesn't want a picture of a County officer in uniform fapping on the job*? Not hot, Aaron Pross.

Two men robbed of cowboy hats; suspects arrested wearing hats.

Unshocking news: Maryland second in abusing Federal-program call phones. "At home I have about thirty!"

Lots of car break-ins in the Northern

Cantonites are pissed as hell and they're not going to take it anymore: enjoy videos such as "Joe Flacco fan pissing on own car" and "the pisswalker."

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hit after hit

Today in jailhouse-broom-closet-sex news, as word of the detention center indictments spreads, the governor's spokesperson told team Duncan/Cox that he "has full confidence in Gary Maynard."* Oh, Malley. If taxing the rain wasn't the final nail in the coffin of any prospective presidential run, then there went the final thwack. Ian Duncan uncovers the legal protections that make it close to impossible to fire prison guards.* Professional concern troll Dan Rodricks has a question: did the Detention Center guards impregnated by Tavon White apply for paid maternity leave*? And finally we have a picture of the clink Casanova, who knew when he saw you patrolling the cell block that the two months he spent fermenting garbage-bag wine would not go to waste.

Warren Stevens, 50, was convicted of attempting to rape his 10-year-old niece, who escaped him.

Oh no! Cuddly ex-con Ed Norris was taken to shock trauma after a serious motorcycle accident.*

Two Mexican brothers, "Piza" and "Elmer," got six and eight years, respectively, for selling almost 10,000 fraudulent documents, including Social Security cards and green cards.

Bodacious federal drug bust: 500 pounds of pot, 220 of cocaine. (Wonder why is pot measured in English, but cocaine is metric?)
'A' is for Antwan

The man shot while trying to escape Central Booking was ID'd as Antwan Bond, age 22.

History corner: you probably knew about Roland Park, Northwood and Guilford's racially restrictive property covenants, forbidding the use or occupancy by blacks, Jews or "orientals" until 1917. But did you know that Morgan Park, near Morgan State University, was the only neighborhood in the country that barred ownership by any non-African-Americans? (No, WYPR, that is not "reverse segregation," it's just segregation.)

Really, Sun headline writer?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hot pregnant messes

A boy, age unknown, was shot in the head last night in Gwynn Oak,* and a man shot himself in the leg.

Despicable: it's been determined that Ronald Cox, killed by police in Reisterstown last summer* after they busted into his house and he tried to defend himself with a sword, was the subject of a County no-knock raid (and was not even the person police were looking for). Fatal no-knock raids are apparently rather common.

The body found yesterday on Loyola Southway was ID'd as that of missing Marcus 'Anton' Lesane.* Tweets Fenton, "His body was found by someone digging through this pile looking for something of value." Fenton also posted a poignant pic on Instagram (right).

Whut. Jailbird BGF chief Tavon "Bulldog" White got four Central Booking guards pregnant* (and as it happens, all 13 of the indicted guards are female.). According to a wiretap, the BGF kept prison violence down, put out and let guards drive their schweet drug-dealer cars in exchange for guards turning a blind eye to sex, drugs, phones and smuggled salmon. Two of Bulldog's babymoms, Jennifer Owens and Katera Stevenson, apparently so enjoyed the broom-closet sex that they got themselves tattoos of his name. Also indicted: Hamma Head, Maine and Monster.

Even for the town that invented the clusterfuck, the speed camera situation is a special hot mess. The judge Mrs. Martin O'Malley was forced to void more than 6,000 tickets* after Xerox skipped town without leaving behind the evidence needed to convict drivers of cited vehicles.

The Ink details last week's five murders (correction from yesterday: East Trenton, where a man's body with facial lacerations was found, is behind the Miracle Temple Church of the Harvest. It's West Trenton that's behind the McDonald's).

A man was stabbed inside MedStar® Harbor Hospital on S. Hanover.

North Baltimore blotteriana: eight cans of Red Bull, 1995 Jaguar, church laptops.

NYMag's James Gleick nails it: the modern media environment is "Total Noise, only louder."

Friday, March 8, 2013


The death of Henry Mills in 2011 was to avenge the death of fellow Black Guerilla Family member Naim King in 2007, reports Justin George,* which led to an unusual conviction under the state's gang statute.
Brandon Mitchell

How did 18-year-old Brandon Kyle Mitchell get bail for a first-degree murder charge*? TWICE*? Shrug. He's now been convicted of the murder of 16-year-old Omar Johnson, a bystander who was watching a fight (presumably between Mitchell and someone else). Oh well, no harm no foul and all's well that ends well, right?

4:20 is coming 2 1/3 hours early today: HB 302, aka the Maryland Medical Marijuana Act, is set to be read today, along with two other medical marijuana bills. The bill would let the state's "Academic Medical Centers" distribute the pot in town. Curt Anderson's full frontal decriminalization bill is to be read March 19, And Bobby Zirkin's got a pot law too, making less than 10 grams a civil offense and fine of $100.

MD's gun clubs claim that they've sent a (literal) million emails to MD's legislators re. SB 281/HB 294 opposing the bill's new gun licensing and sales restrictions.

Three people shot Tuesday night.

What did the Hopkins Men's Lacrosse team do to deserve a benching?