Monday, March 3, 2014

Grumpy Old Men

William Brown
One Andre Hill, 50, was stabbed to death in the 3600 block of Seven Mile Lane,* and "person of interest" is in custody, 53-year-old William Brown.

Kevin Carroll
Kevin Barnell Caroll, 34, was charged for the murder of MTA driver Craig Ray Jr.  Ray was shot in the back in what his family* and police say was an ongoing argument about loud music.*

Back in the old BCrime archives, a commenter noted that the case of Zukael Stephens, accused of beating transgender activist Marcus Rogers to death and setting his apartment on fire in 2006, has become an episode of "Forensics: You Decide." Spoiler alert, Stephens was mistakenly released by prosecutors who mistakenly dropped all charges* somehow then was later found not guilty by a jury.*

Police say the murder of Sean Johnson, 12, in 2011
,* was the result of the BGF's Danyae Robinson, 31, and Derrick Brown, 20, going on a random rampage to send a message.

Someone set a Cadillac SUV on fire in Brooklyn, police are looking for a suspect who possibly has "burned hands."

Reason 5,364 why I will miss the City Paper so, so much: stories such as "Money-laundering case sheds light on Maryland's grease-theft economy." Apparently selling used grease is a way to launder money. TIL. 

WTF, you guys? A woman in labor and her partner were robbed at gunpoint * allegedly by the two guys at right, 24-year-old Devery Kelley of Annapolis and 44-year-old Cornell Robinson of Washington, D.C. Now that is cold. Meanwhile Del. Mary Washington has introduced a bill to stop the shackling of inmates during labor, birth and recovery, the House Judiciary Committee has passed an amended bill and tomorrow there's a Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee hearing. ... Starting to think that men don't really get what labor is about, if they think it's necessary to be all with the shackling and the guns and such.

Corrections lieutenant Jason Weicht was acquitted of civil-rights and obstruction-of-justice conspiracy charges-- the only one of the 15 charged in the beating death of Kenneth Davis to not be convicted of something.

Shots were fired at McDaniel College in sleepy Westminster, and Sunday morning someone tried to rob a student with a knife.

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