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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Out of Control

Because the holidays are approaching? Instability in the ranks of the BGF? The barometric pressure? Whatever the reason, Delonta Harrison, 19, was killed early this morning in the NW* on Arbutus Ave., yesterday's victim on Edgecombe Circle Drive was ID'D as Brian Curtis Sims Jr., 28. Fenton tweets that the Arbutus Ave. murder with the 9th in 10 days.

The Ink details last week's eight murders: The Berrain brothers, Kurt and Karl; Kenneth Ray Stowers, Tyree Taylor; Katria Drummond; Ricky Thomas; Tracy Love; David Henry Parker.

"It's coming in through staff's body orifices." Former guard at the detention center Shavella Miles dished the dirt to WJZ's Vic Carter. And the CP has some deets on lesser-known federal BGF cases.
The Brew's events page includes this Jennifer Bishop photo.
That is all.

What?! The Baltimore Guide claims that there were no robberies reported in the Southest between Nov. 3-9.

Norma Jean's Gentleman's Club has lost the lawsuit brought by a dancer who said the club was illegally calling her a "contractor," and not an employee, and now a second employee has filed a suit alleging she was fired for agreeing to testify on behalf of the first employee.

In Gambrills, a drug bust at St. Mary's Lane daycare.*

Drivers in Canton and Towson were scammed by a fake dent-and-scratch repair guy.

Del. Heather Mizeur has named the Rev. Delman Coates, a Baptist paster, as her running mate.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fact deficient

OoOo BURN! "The facts could not be clearer that more arrests do not lead to less crime. Everyone seems to be clear on that except the governor ... Honest minds can differ, but this honest mind is also fact-dependent.*" ~ SRB. And candidate/lieutenant gov Anthony Brown is distancing himself from his boss, in a vague and nosistic way. "We don't judge our safety record on the number of arrests but rather on the reduction in crime."

Speaking of facts, a Department of Justice survey of multiple studies has concluded that license plate readers have no appreciable impact on crime rates. Not only that, "the routes with the [license plate readers] had a slightly higher number of vehicle thefts compared to the routes with the manual plate checks or control group routes."

Two men were shot on Chinquapin Parkway last night.

Two women were robbed at gunpoint at the West Baltimore MARC station.

The woman in the Jeep killed in that crash early Tuesday morning was identified as Angel Chiwengo, 45.  Chiwengo immigrated from The Congo last year (formerly Zaire); her daughter gave birth to her first grandchild hours after the accident.

The Court of Appeals has restored the right of defendants to have representation at bail hearings.*

Norma Jean's Gentleman's Club back in the news: they're being sued by a dancer who claims managers cheated her out of tips.

Bank-robbery suspects creepy, awkward

A fatal home invasion in Cecil County, five skeevy suspects.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Thar he blow'd

His name is Don Dwyer, and he's an alcoholic. Good gracious, .24. Kind of amazing he could stand. Related: drug treatment programs in MD are facing a $4.5 million budget cut; advocates went to A-town today to protest. And thar blows the pirate-cruise industry: drunken sailing has now been declared unlawful.*

(Alleged) Perry Hall High shooter Robert Gladden is to be tried as an adult. He also wants everyone to know that he was not bullied, rather, he was a bully.* Duly noted.

A guilty plea from a "financial advisor" who defrauded his clients

A stripper is suing Norma Jean's Gentleman's Club for unpaid wages (TDR login required). You may recall that Norma Jean's was Cherrie Gammon's workplace before she was murdered.

Ugh, another murdered toddler. FYI all two-year-olds are possessed by an evil spirit.

A guy threatened a bank teller at the SECU in Towson with a screwdriver,* lighter and scissors. Hrm.

And a pair of HoCo serial burglars were tracked down in FL.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Two dancers, three dead ladies and a gun-hoarding miscreant

cherrie gammonFinally, almost two years later, the Cherrie Gammon story* can be told. Or vaguely surmised. The 25-year-old mom of two, Block dancer and heroin addict turned dealer and informant, right, owed horse money to one Monica "Money" McCants, a woman who was running a $14k a week heroin ring out of the Club Pussycat with her son and some others. McCants suspected that the dancer/dealer/mom was "snitching" to police (and court records showed that indeed she was*), yet despite her fears "Money" gave her son "Tay" "obscenity-laced commands" on an (intercepted) phone call to recoup her horse cash from Gammon by any means necessary. Gammon wound up dead from five wounds from the gun of one Hassan "Rowland" Muhammad near Leakin Park with the help and/or in the presence of a guy court documents nicknamed "Miami." Junior drug-gang members Tyrone Johniken, 30, and Gary Cromartie, 23, also face drug dealing and murder conspiracy charges.
      ...sOooo is one of those guys "Miami"? Or was "Miami" an undercover officer or some other kind of informant who was with Gammon but didn't/couldn't stop her execution? Note quote from Fenton's story in 1/11:* "Witnesses told police that she was selling heroin and crack cocaine for Donte "Tay" Baker, Muhammed, who is known as "Rowland," and a man nicknamed "Miami" ... The witnesses said the men took her from her home in the early morning hours of Dec. 12 and drove her to the area where she was shot and killed."
      Monica Money Mom McCants is expected to be in prison until she's @52-57, Tyrone and Gary are still yet to be tried. Related story: P. Hermann on Block dancer Takira "Candy" Leray Johnson-Bey,* stabbed outside of Norma Jean's Gentleman's Club in 2008

Suspicious: Reality star Antoine Ashley, aka "Sahara Davenport" from the second season of RuPaul's Drag Race (aka Whitney Houston in the Snatch Game and the live-in companion of runner-up Manila Luzon) sashayed away at the age of 27 (or 33) from heart failure at Johns Hopkins Hospital Monday. ... what was NY resident Ashley doing in Baltimore city? Sounds shady, lady... The funeral will reportedly be held October 12 or 13 at Snowden Funeral Home(301) 762-2500 - 246 North Washington Street, Rockville, MD 20850. 

Six years after the SW Flex Squad treated newspaper-serial readers to month-long marathons of corruption charges starring Jemini Jones and Vicki Mengel,* it appears the SW Flex Squad is still in business (and not even rebranded). The squad arrested convicted armed robber in Pigtown with a shit-ton of guns, one made-for-TV miscreant Wayne Petty (right). For all of you eager would-be gun consumers I will recount the guns: Seized Weapons: Ruger 22/45 .22 Caliber handgun; Ruger Blackhawk .45 Caliber handgun; Ruger Single-Six .22 Caliber handgun; Ruger Vaquer .44 Caliber handgun; Remington 870 Express Magnum 12 Gauge shotgun; Ruger Blackhawk .357 Caliber handgun;  Ruger 10/22 .22 Caliber rifle; Winchester 1300 12 Gauge shotgun; Winchester 30-30 rifle; Thompson Center Arms .50 Caliber rifle; Connecticut Valley Arms .50 Caliber rifle; Thompson Center Arms .50 Caliber rifle; Braztech 410GA Shotgun;Remington 7600 30-06 shotgun; New England Firearms 12 Gauge shotgun; Ithica Featherlight 12 Gauge shotgun. And what will become of all those fine guns, I wonder...? Tune in next year for the chilling conclusion, or not...

Baltimore Co. police confirm that woman whose body was found in Leakin Park was that of 62 y/o who walked away from assisted living facility... County authorities say they don't suspect foul play.