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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Graceland, Enchantment, Unicycles

A suspect was shot by a cop in the 6700 block on Danville Rd in the SW

A police-involved shooting reported in 6700 Danville Rd., a neighborhood called Graceland Park. In 5 yrs I've never heard that neighborhood

and Pigtown recorded its first homicide this morning* of 2013(march 28). Unidentified Male at the 1300 block of Carroll Street. Shooting victim. via Cham, it was the 47th murder of the year.

Ed Ericson Jr. has taken over the Ink from laid-off Anna Ditkoff, he details six homicides from March 20-24; the murder in Remington, D'Andre Thomas, was apparently a beef about some woman that alleged killer Benny Davis had.

but reports of a woman slain on the Enchantment of the Seas were premature.

In the Patch blotter, an assailant wielded a knife in Oakanshawe and a juvenile assaulted a police officer in Pen Lucy.

Do you ever wonder what goes on in Harford County? Well, I'll tell you: nothing but naked girls,* unicycles and cows in the road.

The big MD gun control vote is in the House tomorrow.
And so if everyone in A-town supposedly supports Curt Anderson's bill so much, why is everyone so sure it won't pass? Is Vallario going to sit on it? That guy is the worst.
Meanwhile, opiate poisoning rates are going through the roof, but I don't see him being all "save the children!" about that. 

Friday, March 8, 2013


The death of Henry Mills in 2011 was to avenge the death of fellow Black Guerilla Family member Naim King in 2007, reports Justin George,* which led to an unusual conviction under the state's gang statute.
Brandon Mitchell

How did 18-year-old Brandon Kyle Mitchell get bail for a first-degree murder charge*? TWICE*? Shrug. He's now been convicted of the murder of 16-year-old Omar Johnson, a bystander who was watching a fight (presumably between Mitchell and someone else). Oh well, no harm no foul and all's well that ends well, right?

4:20 is coming 2 1/3 hours early today: HB 302, aka the Maryland Medical Marijuana Act, is set to be read today, along with two other medical marijuana bills. The bill would let the state's "Academic Medical Centers" distribute the pot in town. Curt Anderson's full frontal decriminalization bill is to be read March 19, And Bobby Zirkin's got a pot law too, making less than 10 grams a civil offense and fine of $100.

MD's gun clubs claim that they've sent a (literal) million emails to MD's legislators re. SB 281/HB 294 opposing the bill's new gun licensing and sales restrictions.

Three people shot Tuesday night.

What did the Hopkins Men's Lacrosse team do to deserve a benching?

Monday, March 4, 2013

Baltimore Shake n Bake

WMAR says five, the Sun says six murders this past weekend,* which has got to be close to some kind of record.

So even though the vast majority of Marylanders support the basic provisions of the bill, last Friday protestors against the Firearm Safety bill way outnumbered people who showed up to support the bill, now passed by the senate and moving on to the house as HB 294. The bill doesn't take anyone's guns away, specifies the right to carry between a residences and places of business and gives gun buyers until October 2013 to buy all of the assault weapons they can. New provisions include fingerprinting for licenses, keeping the previously forcibly committed from buying, letting police officers examine gun-shop sales records-- I guess before only the ATF could do that. Anyway, if you have an opinion on this bill, especially if you are from Baltimore city, a demographic markedly missing from Friday's protests, it would behoove you to contact your elected officials to offer your opinion.

Friends, hundreds of bystanders and cameras everywhere, yet no one who was on the Ravens' parade route will step forward to ID 15-year-old De'ontae Smith's killer.*

Life + 35 for Anthony Cole, who shot at this wife but killed a bystander instead.

WTF? In the county one Charles V. Palmer is charged with stabbing his 14-year-old son in the neck.*

Family of LaRelle Amos are still ISO answers about who shot her.

A Dateline-worthy mystery in Kent County: what happened to Robin Pope?

Perhaps this?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Realtionship status: complicated

Police Tweeted a photo of Deontae Smith getting stabbed on Tuesday, and another of the suspect. And Cham found Smith's Facebook page.

One Jason Hamel was convicted of murder for killing Keyva Bluitt over a drug deal gone bad in Federal Hill; Bluitt sold Hamel a $5,000 t-shirt.

The State's Attorney's office has released some vivid pie charts re. its conviction rates.

Blaes & Jones
Margaret Ellen Jones of Parkville pleaded guilty to charges of producing child pornography, she and her BDSM partner, John Andrew Blaes, met a 15-year-old from North Carolina online, took explicit pictures, distributed them, and are now facing 15 to 30 years. Six in 10 of the DOJ's press releases so far this month have to do with sexually exploited minors.

A man caught trespassing at North County High School in Glen Burnie was arrested after he was found to have a shit ton of guns in his house, including an AK-47 and an Uzi. Won't someone think of his human rights?! Related: PolitiFact fact-checks gun-law arguments, NYMag has a piece on the history of the firearms in Adam Lanza's arsenal, a photo of Senator Jamie Raskin allegedly playing chess on his computer during testimony yesterday has gone viral-ish

Katie Ann Hadel
One Jeffrey Shiflett (DOB 5/1979) was arrested for the murder in Garrison of 33-year-old mom Katie Ann Hadel. Police spokesperson: "We don't believe there's any current romantic relationship between the victim and suspect at this time. However, we do know they are acquaintances from several years ago." Shiflett was charged in the past with robbery, assault and making harassing phone calls. UPDATE: Kevin Rector reports that Hadel committed the robbery with Shiflett, and then testified against him, Hadel had a protection order out against him and was told by police not to go home but did.* Oddly, Hadel also has at least three different Facebook profiles.

Duane "Shorty" Davis and his toilets have returned to Towson.

Also in the county, the police union is suing the chief for using police pension funds to improve the county recycling center. Speaking of pensions, why are certain media outlets just now starting to freak out about how the city can't afford the ones it's committed to? I thought this was old news and common knowledge? Oh well, better late than never.

A man was robbed of his wedding ring at gunpoint in Charles Village 

Van Smith: Inmate beating by 14 officers at Roxbury strong evidence that prisoner abuse is/was institutionalized

Tom Kiefaber barred from the Senator Theater again, ordered to take anger management classes

Thursday, October 25, 2012

178/ Fenton twitters

Fatal shooting victim last night was 24 yr old active duty US Navy.* He and his brother shot at while exiting car, motive unknown. .. Neighbors say Alonzo Gladden, the Navy member killed last night, was very quiet, respectful. Had only been in town a few hours. ... They speculate shooting mustve been case of mistaken identity. Police: When shooters realize who they killed,will be "heavy burden to carry"

Concealed-carry arguments did kick off yesterday in Richmond, with an ASA for MD (not Doug Gansler) arguing that the state has a compelling interest in controlling the carrying of guns in public, and the gun-rightsers' lawyer Alan Gura arguing that gun ownership on demand is a human right.

Fern Shen on the sad lists of deceased students and faculty at the School Board.

Oh my, Stash, the former 98 Rock deejay (real name Stephen Gregory Smith, 49), is going to jail-- six months in the HarfCo tank for driving under the influence* of Four Loko and causing a 3-car accident that injured five people, including a disabled veteran. (Wonder which flavor it was? Peach? Green Apple?) The Harford Aegis reported that Stash's 'rap sheet' includes 56 tickets, 32 traffic convictions, another DUI nine months before the accident and a marijuana arrest. The night of he accident his wife, mad that Stash was drunk, threw him out of the house he shares/d with her and their five kids.  

It's been two years and a day since the death of the marvelous Judge John Prevas,* right.  ... "he rarely made reference to the fact that he had himself been a city crime victim, shot in the arm with a blast from a shotgun in 1972 ... 'I'm sure I would have gone into private practice had it not been for that.' ... Prevas had colorful moments, to be sure. In 2002, he ordered a police detective to do 25 push-ups for missing court,* and had another locked up [for missing court]. When it was revealed that it was not the police department's fault, but city prosecutors, he did not apologize, but said the punishments should serve a warning.  In 2006, he received a rare public reprimand for 'angry and uncontrollable' shouting from the bench." He's also remembered for sending to jail "Don Papa" Blake for the gruesome murder of teen Terrance Randolph (& mailing me the case files, which haunt me to this day), Catholic child rapist John Merzbacher, and Willie Featherstone, the killer of 15-year-old Friends School student Trudy Levin.

Four shootings overall overnight, including a second fatal: James Utley, 26, killed in 1400 E Preston St; same block as the Dawson House..  Bpd is primary but NCIS will be involved too
Baltimore Police ‏@BaltimorePolice Confirmed Shooting-Caroline&Preston St. Eastern District. Adult male victim. Detectives notified.

For the record: looks like Sgt Robert Snead is Batts' right hand man, filling the role Pete Sullivan (now retired) held with Bealefeld

Editorial board: The state says barbers need 1,200 hours training; why none for security guards w police powers? *

Police: Two girls, 13, sexually assaulted in woods near Catonsville High.*
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Friday, October 5, 2012

Two dancers, three dead ladies and a gun-hoarding miscreant

cherrie gammonFinally, almost two years later, the Cherrie Gammon story* can be told. Or vaguely surmised. The 25-year-old mom of two, Block dancer and heroin addict turned dealer and informant, right, owed horse money to one Monica "Money" McCants, a woman who was running a $14k a week heroin ring out of the Club Pussycat with her son and some others. McCants suspected that the dancer/dealer/mom was "snitching" to police (and court records showed that indeed she was*), yet despite her fears "Money" gave her son "Tay" "obscenity-laced commands" on an (intercepted) phone call to recoup her horse cash from Gammon by any means necessary. Gammon wound up dead from five wounds from the gun of one Hassan "Rowland" Muhammad near Leakin Park with the help and/or in the presence of a guy court documents nicknamed "Miami." Junior drug-gang members Tyrone Johniken, 30, and Gary Cromartie, 23, also face drug dealing and murder conspiracy charges.
      ...sOooo is one of those guys "Miami"? Or was "Miami" an undercover officer or some other kind of informant who was with Gammon but didn't/couldn't stop her execution? Note quote from Fenton's story in 1/11:* "Witnesses told police that she was selling heroin and crack cocaine for Donte "Tay" Baker, Muhammed, who is known as "Rowland," and a man nicknamed "Miami" ... The witnesses said the men took her from her home in the early morning hours of Dec. 12 and drove her to the area where she was shot and killed."
      Monica Money Mom McCants is expected to be in prison until she's @52-57, Tyrone and Gary are still yet to be tried. Related story: P. Hermann on Block dancer Takira "Candy" Leray Johnson-Bey,* stabbed outside of Norma Jean's Gentleman's Club in 2008

Suspicious: Reality star Antoine Ashley, aka "Sahara Davenport" from the second season of RuPaul's Drag Race (aka Whitney Houston in the Snatch Game and the live-in companion of runner-up Manila Luzon) sashayed away at the age of 27 (or 33) from heart failure at Johns Hopkins Hospital Monday. ... what was NY resident Ashley doing in Baltimore city? Sounds shady, lady... The funeral will reportedly be held October 12 or 13 at Snowden Funeral Home(301) 762-2500 - 246 North Washington Street, Rockville, MD 20850. 

Six years after the SW Flex Squad treated newspaper-serial readers to month-long marathons of corruption charges starring Jemini Jones and Vicki Mengel,* it appears the SW Flex Squad is still in business (and not even rebranded). The squad arrested convicted armed robber in Pigtown with a shit-ton of guns, one made-for-TV miscreant Wayne Petty (right). For all of you eager would-be gun consumers I will recount the guns: Seized Weapons: Ruger 22/45 .22 Caliber handgun; Ruger Blackhawk .45 Caliber handgun; Ruger Single-Six .22 Caliber handgun; Ruger Vaquer .44 Caliber handgun; Remington 870 Express Magnum 12 Gauge shotgun; Ruger Blackhawk .357 Caliber handgun;  Ruger 10/22 .22 Caliber rifle; Winchester 1300 12 Gauge shotgun; Winchester 30-30 rifle; Thompson Center Arms .50 Caliber rifle; Connecticut Valley Arms .50 Caliber rifle; Thompson Center Arms .50 Caliber rifle; Braztech 410GA Shotgun;Remington 7600 30-06 shotgun; New England Firearms 12 Gauge shotgun; Ithica Featherlight 12 Gauge shotgun. And what will become of all those fine guns, I wonder...? Tune in next year for the chilling conclusion, or not...

Baltimore Co. police confirm that woman whose body was found in Leakin Park was that of 62 y/o who walked away from assisted living facility... County authorities say they don't suspect foul play.