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Monday, April 7, 2014

Old Man Gotten By Big Bear

A woman shot last Wednesday in the Berea neighborhood was ID'd as Jasmine Grimes, 21.*

Two Three people hospitalized over the weekend* after being shot: a man on Cedonia Avenue shot in the back in front of his girlfriend by a masked man and a man in the 1100 block of Hollins St. And police found a victim shot dead behind a house on Kirk Avenue, the ME is trying to figure out when he died. We're up to 47 official murders.
Kasiem Davis

Police are ISO one Kasiem Davis for attempted murder and violation of probation.

They're also ISO a guy in a red hat who robbed the dollar store.
So the House has voted to decriminalize the marijuanas, which is kind of amazing. Joe Vallario, defense attorney, has stood in the way of reform for ages and was fixing to table the issue yet again, this time for two years. But House Speaker Mike Busch out-weaseled the weasel, assigning the bill to two committees. Well played. ("As Saturday’s events were unfolding, one of Vallario’s colleagues on his committee could be overheard telling him: 'Sometimes you get the big bear, and sometime the big bear gets you.'")
    And here's a funny thing, assuming O'Malley signs the law and makes it a mere ticket to possess the sticky icky icky, drug "paraphernalia" -- papers, bongs, even the baggie the weed rides around in-- would still be a misdemeanor to possess. So you'll have to smoke it by holding a flaming bud between your fingers, I guess.
   But this is still good news. If nothing else it let the local news media give the green light to metaphors about criminalization going up in smoke.
   Oh, and guess who didn't vote? Admiral Drinky Dranky, who spends his weekends in the clink,* no doubt in the company of pot smokers with poor timing.

It sounds like an urban legend and police won't confirm it but neighbors swear that some old fat guy is trying to poison dogs in Hampden with dosed chunks of sausage.

A 33-year-old female science teacher at Archbishop Curley, Lynette Trotta, is facing criminal charges for sexytimes with a 17-year-old student.

City school bus drivers won a $1,250,000 settlement 
against their bus company employers for unpaid overtime.

So Revenge of the Nerds: cell phone peepers have been creeping and peeping in the women's bathrooms and showers in College Park.

Amy Holland
County alleged serial business robbers Nick Hornberger and Amy Lynn Holland indicted, linked to six robberies.

Police are ISO these robbers who mugged a guy in Owings Mills. Hey, when's the last time the city police released images of someone wanted for robbery of a person?

Not sure where Walkersville is, but their rapist sketcher is much better than our rapist sketcher. Also if you live in Walkersville beware the pointy-headed trail pervert.

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

March 8-9

The much-needed witness-intimidation bill is being held up by PG county legislator Josheph Vallariovallario (left). When asked about his vote, Vallario explained, "YALL THINK YALL GOT SUGE AND MELO BUT WE GOING KILL EVRYLAST BITCHASS POP SNITCHIN NIGGANOWHATIMSAYN."*

Is 38 years enough for throwing acid in someone's face?

Is loving someone of the same sex a crime? The legislature is tring to figure it out.

* my mother insists that I label this clearly as satire

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Everyday Creepers

Oh, Batts. He has stepped in it again, this time asserting to Jayne Miller that while murders and shootings are up, crime is down for "everyday citizens."* Whatever might he mean by that?
"It's very localized and unfortunately, it's with African American men who are involved in the drug trade and 80 to 85 percent of the victims are involved in the drug trade going back and forth." 
Well. Not only is this offensive as the dickens on many levels, as Fenton points out it's not even factually correct. According to the police's own information, in only 3 of last year's homicides listed something drug-related as the motivation, and furthermore, larcenies, car thefts and street robberies are actually up. The only categories that are down are carjackings, burglaries and rapes (a number that, as we all know too well, could easily be attributed to a refusal to take reports). So disturbing was this the Sun editorial board put in their dentures and gently opined* that his attitude kind of sucks.
     What would have been more honest, and true, as the CP points out, would be to say that as much as the police may try, it's not always a police problem. Sometimes it's a jury problem, sometimes a prosecutor problem, and at its heart it's an anger-management problem. And even if the victims are not Everyday People and some kind of 3/5ths people, we've got to live together! Batts needs to take us higher! And now he's got that song stuck in my head all day. Thanks Batts. And it sounds like it's Code Elmo for his job:
WBAL's Jayne Miller asked Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake if Batts' job was secure.
"He should feel the same way any person that is part of my administration does, and that is just as I am called to show up and perform every day with no guarantees, that's the same way," Rawlings-Blake said. "Everybody should have a little bit of anxiety. I know I do."

Anyway, for those keeping score at home, the city saw 235 homicides in 2013. In 2012 we had 217, in 2011 we had 197(!),
2010 = 223
2009 = 237;
2008 was 234;
2007 was 291;
2006 was 274; 
2005 was 269. 
One good thing about last year: fewer juveniles killed than usual,* with only 11 kids under the age of 18, though the first homicide of 2013 was a baby. The average age of the victims was 31, and 95 percent of the victims were black.

The first two homicides of 2014 were a father and son,* identified as Frank Turner, 48, and Anthony Turner, 21. There were five shootings on New Year's Eve.
Rapist guy

Bad news, everyday citizens: a sexual assailant/rapist is on the loose and has attacked four women in their homes.

One Paul "Paulie" Eugene Sessomes, owner of a swank condo at 414 Water Street, was revealed by the DEA to be a trusted contact of Colombian drug dealers.  Also, there are DEA agents who still don't know the diff between Columbia and Colombia.

CP: "After a prolonged and Herculean effort to claim the government unconstitutionally monitored his movements to build its drug case against him, Richard Anthony “Richie Rich” Wilford yesterday was found guilty of cocaine-conspiracy charges by a federal jury."

Another body pulled out of the Inner Harbor.

Alleged awful mother Alicia Denice Brown, 24, is accused of locking her 4-year-old in a freezing car for eight hours to go gamble at the Maryland Live! casino on New Year's Eve.

Attorney Isaac Neuberger, 66, has been accused of groping a waiter at a urinal. Assault, or manly advice taken the wrong way?

Cash in your old cell phones now-- mall managers at the Pale Swamp are removing kiosks.*

Apparently undaunted by Joe Vallario trapping his previous pot-decriminalization bill in committee, Jamie Raskin and Kurt Anderson is bringing their bill back next year. They estimate that legalizing it could earn the state as much as $100 million in tax bucks.

The two Justins are doing a Q&A tomorrow at noon, you can submit questions now if you'd like.*

In happier news, 2013 was the safest year for police officers since 1887.

Not crime, but big news: there's a new fire chief in town, name of Niles Ford. He's a former city manager from Chamblee, Georgia, population 9,800, a job he was fired (heh!) from. Prior to that he was the fire chief of Lincoln, Nebraska. I guess no one in Baltimore was qualified?

Over in Salisbury, accusations of "extreme hazing"*

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

No baby no

Oh noooo... DPW and police are reportedly searching the trash at N. Carrolton and Harlem for a baby, Fenton confirms that police got a call about a baby in a bloody basket. Please, Lord, make it be a food baby. UPDATE: no baby.

A man in the 3900 block of Gwynn Oak was shot multiple times but survived.*
Johnny Johnson

The family of Matt Hersl, who was fatally mowed down at 115 MPH by an H'd out Johnny Johnson, is furious that prosecutors plan to offer Johnson a plea deal.*

Two different gunshot victims walked themselves to the hospital yesterday.*

Glad to see the ACLU is speaking out against the Bail Bonds industry. Why does MD have the 4th highest rate of marijuana arrests? Could it be the Bail Bonds lobbyists? ... who happen to be top donors to Del. Joe Vallario, the guy who trapped Kurt Anderson's overwhelmingly supported decriminalization bill in committee.

The Baltimore Development Commission wants your opinion.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Factually challenged

Only in Baltimore: "police say they stopped residents 123,000 times last year* but found only nine handguns." WHat?? Also, Batts spoke at some panel in NYC and did some fact rewrites. "Stop and frisk was taking place until I came into the picture.. but now my murder rate is going up. ... that puts me in a political hotbed."Dude, no. FB III stopped stop and frisk, and he brought the murder rate down. Batts is bringing back illegal stops,* and now the rate is up. No. Confidence. Zero!

Game change? Plucky gubernatorial hopeful Heather Mizeur has declared her support for legalizing and taxing marijuana, with the proceeds to go to paying for pre-K, a notion approved by 92% of people browsing WJZ's web site during the work day. You'll recall rival Anthony Brown also wants pre-K, but with no plan to pay for it. Of course as governor Mizeur wouldn't be able to draft or pass any legislation, and as long as lapdog of the bail bonds industry Joe Vallario Jr. has the power to smother bills in committee it ain't happening. Still, with numbers like that, this proposal very well might make Mizeur an actual contender.

"Blood spattered on carpets and walls. An actual ring where dogs were being fought. Dogs chained to the walls." Five people arrested, 15 dogs seized at a suspected dogfighting venue on West Lafayette Avenue.

The Wells Fargo bank on York Road in Lutherville was robbed.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Good news, white people!

Ashley Roane via CP
Wat. Ashley Roane, accused of protecting a purported heroin dealer and giving a list of drug informants to the guy (who himself turned out to be an FBI informant) is out on pre-trial release. She also faces charges of gross and willful eyeshadow abuse. If I was Roane I think I'd feel safer in jail.

Rashid Mayo
Sounds like 16-month-old Carter Scott should not have been in the custody of his violent, convict dad, and dad should never have been in town. But dad took no one's advice and mom failed to show up for a custody hearing.* Meanwhile police had ID'd a 3rd suspect in the toddler's shooting, Rashid Mayo,* and are asking the public's help to find him.

Murder #95(?), unID'd man, Glenmore Avenue.* 

Like Tavon White, BGF member Steven Loney has also been granted a stay in the relatively plushier confines of federal prison.

We're #4!! ...when it comes to pot arrests.* Cost of arrests in MD = $106 million. But don't worry, white people, you're five times less likely to get arrested. You'll recall our decriminalization bill, overwhelmingly supported by citizens, passed the House but died in the senate when Joe Vallario of PGC, friend to defense attorneys, refused to let it get out of committee.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Catalog shopping and a naked man on a fire truck

Woman murdered in Arbutus in a "domestic," awkward stock image used, details scant. But hey, Mercy hospital's use of technology to detect strangulation bruising is "getting international attention." ... hrm, that victim's name sounds familiar.

Homicides closed, motives and explanations lacking.* 

Officer Robert Mitchell is in trouble for assaulting someone on N Mount Street last May, a fracas allegedly publicized* via WorldStarHipHop (link plz?)

Tavon "Bulldog" White got his bid for federal prison,* where you can get your hair done and shop out of catalogs, whilst a Fredneck Democrat and a ScheiƟhaus Eastern Shore Republican defended the prison guards' bill of rights. And you must give grudging props to anyone able to fail upward in such a spectacular fashion: head of DPCS investigations, Jesse Ballard III, is retiring with his schweet state pension* to double-dip with a federal job. Maybe with a new investigator we can finally be first in non-consensual jailhouse sex. Goddamn you Marion County IL.

PCP: it's a helluva drug

Joe Vallario's district: soft on crime, hard on a nude man smoking angel dust on a fire truck. Wonder if Mohamed Bah is any relation to murder victim Oumar Bah.

Betting pool: how many couples will show to be married by SRB in a mass wedding at the Pride Festival* on June 16 at Druid Hill Park? Is that wonderful or creepy? Dear God won't someone please tell me what to think?!

Scott Calvert dishes the dirt on the speed-camera shutdown*

Patricidal HoCo teen Morgan Arnold has Asberger's, mental health issues,* walked around meowing with ears on before going goth. Mom alleges she pushed for more mental health treatment but dad resisted.

And Obama visited.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sine Die Bloody Sine Die

So Sine Die came and went* with 100+ bills sent to the guv, including a ban on hand-held cell phones while driving, and a ban on cyberbullying, but without a resolution to the pit bill bull, and with Vallario Jr.'s withered haunches resolutely planted on the marijuana decriminalization/taxation bill, HB1453/ SB297, keeping it from being out to a vote in even with 57% of MDers supporting it.

So sad:
One Jamal Champan was convicted of first-degree murder for the 2010 slaying of an unnamed victim in the NW

The battle for control of the message, meta edition-*- neighbors are criticizing police silence on 45-minute-hovering-helicopter incidents. Here's a good idea: Seattle has pioneered something called "'tweet-by-beat,' with 51 hyper-local Twitter feeds putting out calls for service — excluding sex crimes and domestic violence — through an automated feed. That was a move made after the agency in 2011 overwhelmed followers of its main account by tweeting nearly every incident reported to police. Police in Cambridge, Mass., in February also began "real-time" tweeting of 911 dispatcher logs."

A police van was in a wreck in Overlea

12-stepping might help you quit drinking, but it can't make you a decent human being, it seems. Are AK-47s even legal here?

This HarfCo Sheriff's deputy is such a badass

Monday, April 8, 2013

le dernier jour

The Senate gave approval to the Medical Marijuana bill-- you know, the one that lets Hopkins set up its own pot clinic in 2016 but has such strict strictures it'll help about 20 patients? In the meantime it looks like the decriminialization bill will waste away in Vallario's committee. How... ironic that he says the bill is a "bad message to kids," while at the same time his son has a flourishing practice as a defense attorney defending people arrested on drug charges. Also "ironic"-- his biggest campaign contributors include Lexington National Insurance Company (as in bail bonds), criminal defense firms and a MD gun-rights group.

Why do denizens of the UK have such huge boners for "the Wire"? Dunno, but David Simon was interviewed by the Guardian recently.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Graceland, Enchantment, Unicycles

A suspect was shot by a cop in the 6700 block on Danville Rd in the SW

A police-involved shooting reported in 6700 Danville Rd., a neighborhood called Graceland Park. In 5 yrs I've never heard that neighborhood

and Pigtown recorded its first homicide this morning* of 2013(march 28). Unidentified Male at the 1300 block of Carroll Street. Shooting victim. via Cham, it was the 47th murder of the year.

Ed Ericson Jr. has taken over the Ink from laid-off Anna Ditkoff, he details six homicides from March 20-24; the murder in Remington, D'Andre Thomas, was apparently a beef about some woman that alleged killer Benny Davis had.

but reports of a woman slain on the Enchantment of the Seas were premature.

In the Patch blotter, an assailant wielded a knife in Oakanshawe and a juvenile assaulted a police officer in Pen Lucy.

Do you ever wonder what goes on in Harford County? Well, I'll tell you: nothing but naked girls,* unicycles and cows in the road.

The big MD gun control vote is in the House tomorrow.
And so if everyone in A-town supposedly supports Curt Anderson's bill so much, why is everyone so sure it won't pass? Is Vallario going to sit on it? That guy is the worst.
Meanwhile, opiate poisoning rates are going through the roof, but I don't see him being all "save the children!" about that. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

And just like that..

Reports Fox, "The Maryland House of Delegates has sent the same sex marriage bill back to committee, effectively killing its chances of being passed in the House. There were not enough votes to pass the measure, so Del. Joe Vallario entered a motion to return the measure to committee."
More from the WaPo and Sun
Gawker: "last-minute pressure from church groups and the National Organization for Marriage apparently scared a few new, sensitive delegates"

Elsewhere, hundreds of people denuded the Rhode Island state house, where same-sex marriage hearings are being held, and on Wednesday, a U.S. House panel "voted 3-2 along party lines to direct the House counsel to come up with a legal defense" of DOMA

Saturday, March 13, 2010

29, 30? 31?

Alleged high-ranking Young Gorilla shot to death in Charles Village yesterday, 2602 N Calvert St.
Also last night, a serious stabbing at 4409 Maine Ave.

...and early this morning, a suspiciously-dead person found at a gas station at the intersection of West Mulberry and North Greene streets

Congratulations, Desmond "Dazy" Sims, Baltimore's youngest murder suspect so far this year. Dazy is accused of killing 19-year-old Jeffrey Ward to impress the Bloods.

One Anthony Wiggins backed out of a plea deal but admitted guilt, a move that could earn him extra years on his sentence

Mr. Sifrit wants a divorce

Good news, bad news: ex-cop Percel O. Alston is running against Vallario. Bad news, can't find this Alston anywhere on the web, which doesn't bode well for his campaigning or fund-raising efforts.

WTF?! "A Maryland senator and delegate are the targets of a flier that attacks them as "'bagel brain Jews'"

Monday, March 8, 2010

Douche du Jour

Sounds like PGC Rep. Vallario made a huge ass of himself in front of FHB III in Annapolis last week-- apparently he didn't read his own handouts. Long-time loyal readers may remember some of his other greatest hits: In 2007, he was reportedly the only guy standing the the way of a new Sex Offender Evidence Bill. In 2006 he voted against House Bill 320, which was to strengthen Witness Intimidation Reforms for women and children victims of felony sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. Wonder what they see in him down in PGC?

Saturday, March 3, 2007

March 3

Get In On It! Two men shot in the 100 block of West Hamburg Street "created a raucous scene Saturday night when they turned up with multiple gunshot wounds" in the valet parking area of the Hyatt Regency on Light Street.

Prep school days:
Following the death of Isaiah Simmons, Bowling Brook Preparatory School will be closed.

CEO David McDowell Robinson is in hot water for running a Ponzi scheme that bilked investors, including Katrina victims. You know it's Baltimore when "Gilman" is in the first sentence!

Post: A PGC jury "yesterday convicted a county police corporal of assaulting four teenagers when he pepper-sprayed them last year, marking the first time in at least 12 years that a Prince George's officer has been convicted in state court for law enforcement-related use of force."

Jim Brochin of the county says Joseph Vallario is the guy standing the the way of the new Sex Offender Evidence Bill.

Young CityA bench warrant was issued last week for former Da Band rapper Young City, right, (from P. Diddy's reality show), after he missed a court appearance stemming from an arrest six years ago for robbing a man with a BB gun in Eastpoint Mall. Young City (née Kevin Barnes) is in jail in Gwinett County, GA., following an arrest for assaulting his "girlfriend."

Envigorated by the overwhelming popularity of Glowing Metal Hermaphrodite Looming Over the Train Station and those beloved, ubiquitous candy-colored giant metal curlicues, city officials hope to force all new publically funded construction costs to pay 1 percent of costs towards more public art.

The Texas oysters had their revenge on MD food-festival-goers February 9-11.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

March 11

How Could Anyone Oppose This Bill?

Late Friday afternoon House Judiciary Chariman Joseph Vallario called for a vote on House Bill 320 that would strenghthen Witness Intimidation Reforms for the most vulnerable victims of crime, women and children victims of felony sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse.

The Committee (mostly defense attorneys) voted to kill the bill despite statewide support by family advocates and prosecutors.

Last year, State's Attorney Jessamy referred to the passage of the Witness Intimidation Bill (House Bill 188), as a "toothless tiger" noting that victims of first-degree child abuse, including instances of physical abuse such burning and starvation, were not included and had no better protections against intmidation. She cited many high-profile child abuse cases in Baltimore that would not be included in the new law. In addition she noted that intimidation, as against the Dawson family, was also not covered by the new law and therefore the law did not go far enought to protect all victims in cases of threats and intimidation.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

March 30

I'll come out and say it: PG County rep Joe Vallario is a big fudgeclown for single-handedly blocking the witness intimidation bill. I hope anyone reading will give his office a call at (410) 841-3488, (301) 858-3488, or toll-free at 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3488 and ask him what this reasons are, because he won't even comment to the press (?!). I guess he doesn't care about the public as he's about to retire. Meanwhile, his home district remains a cesspool of violence. Here's his web site, if you care to know what sub-par schools he attended. Hope your PG County pals are happy, because the rest of us who are terrified to report our drug-dealing neighbors certainly are not. Jerk.

The murder trial of Martay Delvon Powell, 18, of Elmley Avenue, is scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow before Judge Allen L. Schwait at 400 Mitchell Courthouse East on 110 N. Calvert Street. The Baltimore City Grand jury indicted Powell May 28 of last year for first-degree murder. Court documents allege Powell shot and killed Damon Martin in the 200 block of Collington Avenue on March 11, 2004.

At a hearing today, Victor Vanderheiden, 45, of South Bond Street pled guilty to the involuntary manslaughter of Langford Woodhouse, 49. Judge David Mitchell sentenced Vanderheiden to 10 years in prison, with all but two years suspended (if you're paying attention you'll note that's one year dude has to serve). On October 17, 2004 in the 900 block of North Broadway Street Vanderheiden, Woodhouse and some other friends, who were homeless, got into an altercation. Vanderheiden pushed Woodhouse into the water, where the victim drowned. An autopsy showed the victim had been heavily drinking and had a blood-alcohol level of .38.

Albert Mosley has filed a $40 million brutality suit against the city, claiming officer Bryan Kershaw attacked and paralyzied him while he was in a holding cell. Isn't it kind of bad news when your own lawyer refers to you as "a drunk?"

"Gee, rilly?" story of the day: apparently Frederick County's legacy as a KKK stronghold is making it difficult for the police to recruit minority applicants.

Do not miss this week's City Paper cover story about Baltimore's gunshot-wound survivors, a stunning photo essay by Jefferson Jackson Steele. When you live in this town and read and hear every day about the violence, it's easy to forget the human toll behind the numbers, and this piece poignantly brings eight of these victims to life.

And here's the link to the murder ink.

A man's been murdered in Randallstown... Eric Ronnell Keith, 20, was found shot to death last night. This is murder #11 for Baltimore County.

Anyone who's ever had to pay $63 in late fees for Happy Gilmore will be happy to hear that O'Malley's father-in-law and 46 other attorneys general have squeezed a $630,000 settlement out of Blockbuster for those deceptive "No Late Fees" ads.

Only day after the Hickey School settlement, there's now tales of abuse at the Baltimore Juvenile Justice Center and the Alfred D. Noyes Children's Center. Naked groin-punching, hey, they're kids, not liberated Iraqis!