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Monday, April 7, 2014

Old Man Gotten By Big Bear

A woman shot last Wednesday in the Berea neighborhood was ID'd as Jasmine Grimes, 21.*

Two Three people hospitalized over the weekend* after being shot: a man on Cedonia Avenue shot in the back in front of his girlfriend by a masked man and a man in the 1100 block of Hollins St. And police found a victim shot dead behind a house on Kirk Avenue, the ME is trying to figure out when he died. We're up to 47 official murders.
Kasiem Davis

Police are ISO one Kasiem Davis for attempted murder and violation of probation.

They're also ISO a guy in a red hat who robbed the dollar store.
So the House has voted to decriminalize the marijuanas, which is kind of amazing. Joe Vallario, defense attorney, has stood in the way of reform for ages and was fixing to table the issue yet again, this time for two years. But House Speaker Mike Busch out-weaseled the weasel, assigning the bill to two committees. Well played. ("As Saturday’s events were unfolding, one of Vallario’s colleagues on his committee could be overheard telling him: 'Sometimes you get the big bear, and sometime the big bear gets you.'")
    And here's a funny thing, assuming O'Malley signs the law and makes it a mere ticket to possess the sticky icky icky, drug "paraphernalia" -- papers, bongs, even the baggie the weed rides around in-- would still be a misdemeanor to possess. So you'll have to smoke it by holding a flaming bud between your fingers, I guess.
   But this is still good news. If nothing else it let the local news media give the green light to metaphors about criminalization going up in smoke.
   Oh, and guess who didn't vote? Admiral Drinky Dranky, who spends his weekends in the clink,* no doubt in the company of pot smokers with poor timing.

It sounds like an urban legend and police won't confirm it but neighbors swear that some old fat guy is trying to poison dogs in Hampden with dosed chunks of sausage.

A 33-year-old female science teacher at Archbishop Curley, Lynette Trotta, is facing criminal charges for sexytimes with a 17-year-old student.

City school bus drivers won a $1,250,000 settlement 
against their bus company employers for unpaid overtime.

So Revenge of the Nerds: cell phone peepers have been creeping and peeping in the women's bathrooms and showers in College Park.

Amy Holland
County alleged serial business robbers Nick Hornberger and Amy Lynn Holland indicted, linked to six robberies.

Police are ISO these robbers who mugged a guy in Owings Mills. Hey, when's the last time the city police released images of someone wanted for robbery of a person?

Not sure where Walkersville is, but their rapist sketcher is much better than our rapist sketcher. Also if you live in Walkersville beware the pointy-headed trail pervert.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Good news, white people!

Ashley Roane via CP
Wat. Ashley Roane, accused of protecting a purported heroin dealer and giving a list of drug informants to the guy (who himself turned out to be an FBI informant) is out on pre-trial release. She also faces charges of gross and willful eyeshadow abuse. If I was Roane I think I'd feel safer in jail.

Rashid Mayo
Sounds like 16-month-old Carter Scott should not have been in the custody of his violent, convict dad, and dad should never have been in town. But dad took no one's advice and mom failed to show up for a custody hearing.* Meanwhile police had ID'd a 3rd suspect in the toddler's shooting, Rashid Mayo,* and are asking the public's help to find him.

Murder #95(?), unID'd man, Glenmore Avenue.* 

Like Tavon White, BGF member Steven Loney has also been granted a stay in the relatively plushier confines of federal prison.

We're #4!! ...when it comes to pot arrests.* Cost of arrests in MD = $106 million. But don't worry, white people, you're five times less likely to get arrested. You'll recall our decriminalization bill, overwhelmingly supported by citizens, passed the House but died in the senate when Joe Vallario of PGC, friend to defense attorneys, refused to let it get out of committee.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Quite the surprises

A man was found shot to death in a car in the 2500 block of Chelsea Terrace. Or as the Deuce put it, "Baltimore City Police got quite the surprise while responding to a call for a car accident."

Task force officers responding to an ad for a "young looking" female instead found a haggard-looking cop's wife being pimped by her husband, Lamin Manneh.* Supposedly she's 19, so the mug shot camera must add some years.

A woman was shot multiple times in Cherry Hill on Friday.
 Don't pin it.

A guilty plea for misconduct from that skeezy cop Aaron Z. Pross, who sent a 16-year-old footage of himself working his gherkin in a patrol car (later found by said 16-year-old's dad), and taped himself boning (adult) women on the job at least 20 times.* Sounds like he got a good deal.

The murder of Dennis Lane allegedly by his 14-year-old daughter and her 19-year-old boyfriend just gets uglier. WJZ reported that the two had planned the murder for "months," and Kevin Rector reports that the daughter, Morgan Arnold, wanted her dad stabbed 10 times and her dad's girlfriend 15 times. "I have my reasons and I'll tell you later."* Meanwhile WBAL got its mitts on their mug shots.

Barricade situation in Laurel this morning.

A $14 million securities-fraud settlement against Lender Processing, a class-action suit in which the Baltimore County Employees Retirement System was a plaintiff.

Eleven years for Ellicott City peeper Michael McKenny, who made a copy of a key to a condo where two women lived and hid cameras in their bedroom and bathroom.

Drunken Delegate Don Dwyer plans to hold a press conference-- after saying he wasn't going to run again, apparently now he is. I'll bet the knuckle-draggers in AAC are just dumb enough to re-elect him, too. Speaking of despicable men, seen driving over the Bay Bridge Friday afternoon in an 'Iridium silver metallic' $95,000 2013 Mercedes S550: Joe Vallairo.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Drooling grandma

Three men were shot last night on the East side* in the 2900 block of E. Monument St.

Demetrius White was feed after five years in prison with help from the Innocence Project; one Jose Morales confessed to hiring a hit man to kill federal employee Robert Long who was a witness in a theft case against him. Related: the NYT on the difficulties and cost of getting a record expunged, even for the wrongfully convicted.

"A hunk" with a "body that's all that," drooled the grandma of one of Tavon White's bastard children.

Tougher penalties for jailhouse cellphones might (might!) have helped prevent the BGF prison scandal, but guess who let it die in committee?

A feel-good story about crime cameras.* Oh no, excuse me, the "Watch Center" where they watch the cameras. And monitor Tweets and collect data. Conspicuously missing: a discussion of how many criminals the camera/watch center has helped catch, versus the exorbitant cost. Related: trial for the Spectator is scheduled to start on Wednesday.

A man who was shot to death in Rosedale and then crashed his car into a Shell station was ID'd as 23-year-old Robert Wynder Jr.

Two women stabbed in Parkville, one fatally,* and Paul White Jr., the son of the deceased woman, was arrested.

A police chase in Woodlawn ended when the perp's car crashed into a house.

A woman in HoCo, Deborah Castellano, was shot to death in her car.

Good! Six neighborhood associations are suing Texas slumlord Scott Wizig.

Ew, remember peodphile Eric Toth, who installed a camera in the bathroom of his MoCo third-grade classroom, attempted to fake his own death, then fled and became one of the FBI's 10 most wanted after Bin Laden left a vacancy? He was found and arrested in Nicaragua last month,  the Post has more detail on how he spent the last five years.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

March 3

Get In On It! Two men shot in the 100 block of West Hamburg Street "created a raucous scene Saturday night when they turned up with multiple gunshot wounds" in the valet parking area of the Hyatt Regency on Light Street.

Prep school days:
Following the death of Isaiah Simmons, Bowling Brook Preparatory School will be closed.

CEO David McDowell Robinson is in hot water for running a Ponzi scheme that bilked investors, including Katrina victims. You know it's Baltimore when "Gilman" is in the first sentence!

Post: A PGC jury "yesterday convicted a county police corporal of assaulting four teenagers when he pepper-sprayed them last year, marking the first time in at least 12 years that a Prince George's officer has been convicted in state court for law enforcement-related use of force."

Jim Brochin of the county says Joseph Vallario is the guy standing the the way of the new Sex Offender Evidence Bill.

Young CityA bench warrant was issued last week for former Da Band rapper Young City, right, (from P. Diddy's reality show), after he missed a court appearance stemming from an arrest six years ago for robbing a man with a BB gun in Eastpoint Mall. Young City (née Kevin Barnes) is in jail in Gwinett County, GA., following an arrest for assaulting his "girlfriend."

Envigorated by the overwhelming popularity of Glowing Metal Hermaphrodite Looming Over the Train Station and those beloved, ubiquitous candy-colored giant metal curlicues, city officials hope to force all new publically funded construction costs to pay 1 percent of costs towards more public art.

The Texas oysters had their revenge on MD food-festival-goers February 9-11.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

March 11

How Could Anyone Oppose This Bill?

Late Friday afternoon House Judiciary Chariman Joseph Vallario called for a vote on House Bill 320 that would strenghthen Witness Intimidation Reforms for the most vulnerable victims of crime, women and children victims of felony sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse.

The Committee (mostly defense attorneys) voted to kill the bill despite statewide support by family advocates and prosecutors.

Last year, State's Attorney Jessamy referred to the passage of the Witness Intimidation Bill (House Bill 188), as a "toothless tiger" noting that victims of first-degree child abuse, including instances of physical abuse such burning and starvation, were not included and had no better protections against intmidation. She cited many high-profile child abuse cases in Baltimore that would not be included in the new law. In addition she noted that intimidation, as against the Dawson family, was also not covered by the new law and therefore the law did not go far enought to protect all victims in cases of threats and intimidation.