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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

April 18

Eight AAC schools went on lockdown after an appearance by wanted alleged killer Antonio Moore at North County High.

Ink recounts the murders of Tavon Campbell, Brent Flanagan and John Daughtry.

Six former staff members of Bowling Brook Preparatory School were indicted for the death of Isaiah Simmons. Meanwhile, Simmons' family says misdemeanor charges of reckless endangerment against the employees are grossly inadequate.

The family of Payton Potochney says charges against two 16-year-olds who poured acid on a Middle River slide are also grossly inadequate

Lilly Phelps was the first of four women found murdered in Harford County last summer, and jury selection in the trial of suspected killer Charles Eugene Burns began yesterday.

Gregory Kane writes about the three consecutive life sentences that were handed to group-home killer Derrick Taylor.

17-year-old Brandon Burton was arrested and charged with the November 21 murder of Tereem Taylor.

Annapolis police arrested Carlos Rice and charged him with murdering Aaron Brown last Sunday on Madison St. in Annpolis.

Allan Clark, a homeless man in AAC, was arrested for the April 5 murder of another homeless AAC man, 53-year-old Michael Evans.

Sheila D. tells Park Heights residents that help is on the way. In a shocking turn of events, the Mayor and Pat Jessamy are forming a sub-committee to "come up with a strategic plan at all levels."

Zoning Board says no to JoHo bros.

A pole-dancing contest, "Miss Polemiscuous," has the Frederick liquor board examining the Big Easy tavern.

Beware of the Goodwill Lotto fraud.

Quote of the day: "I think jail has a telling effect on some people, especially if they are young and dumb like your son is."
-- Baltimore County District Court Judge Bruce S. Lamdin

Saturday, March 3, 2007

March 3

Get In On It! Two men shot in the 100 block of West Hamburg Street "created a raucous scene Saturday night when they turned up with multiple gunshot wounds" in the valet parking area of the Hyatt Regency on Light Street.

Prep school days:
Following the death of Isaiah Simmons, Bowling Brook Preparatory School will be closed.

CEO David McDowell Robinson is in hot water for running a Ponzi scheme that bilked investors, including Katrina victims. You know it's Baltimore when "Gilman" is in the first sentence!

Post: A PGC jury "yesterday convicted a county police corporal of assaulting four teenagers when he pepper-sprayed them last year, marking the first time in at least 12 years that a Prince George's officer has been convicted in state court for law enforcement-related use of force."

Jim Brochin of the county says Joseph Vallario is the guy standing the the way of the new Sex Offender Evidence Bill.

Young CityA bench warrant was issued last week for former Da Band rapper Young City, right, (from P. Diddy's reality show), after he missed a court appearance stemming from an arrest six years ago for robbing a man with a BB gun in Eastpoint Mall. Young City (née Kevin Barnes) is in jail in Gwinett County, GA., following an arrest for assaulting his "girlfriend."

Envigorated by the overwhelming popularity of Glowing Metal Hermaphrodite Looming Over the Train Station and those beloved, ubiquitous candy-colored giant metal curlicues, city officials hope to force all new publically funded construction costs to pay 1 percent of costs towards more public art.

The Texas oysters had their revenge on MD food-festival-goers February 9-11.