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Thursday, May 16, 2013

A pound of loud

Despite his pleas that he has plans to record a workout video, Judge Wanda Heard called rapist Alvin Ray Wright Sr. a "monster" and gave him four life terms for raping a 13-year-old victim in the basement of a vacant rowhouse.

Three overnight shootings, no suspects, no motives, etc.

Today in BGF prison follies, Fenton posted the Tavon White affidavit which has some pretty entertaining conversation transcripts and info-- apparently the price of sex with one of 14 ass-peddling corrections officers was $150 (a lot if you're only making 75 cents a day). And of course White's lawyer is griping about the conditions in Cumberland*-- the Grey Goose is warm, the salmon is previously frozen and the kitchen hookers are all dudes. Judge Holland has scheduled a two-month jury trial on racketeering charges for June ... June 2014.

Customs Enforcement here seems to have busted an international Bitcoin money-laundering operation.

HOLY SHIT A PIPE BOMB!! Well, it's Taneytown, did anyone nazi that coming? ... in case you're not from around here, Taneytown is perhaps best known for its inveterate KKK Klavern,  which was still vandalizing houses,* affixing Klan stickers to urinals and parading down the middle of the street* and in broad daylight relatively recently.

Another murder in Columbia, victim is Omar Oliver, 39.

What time is it? Time to get a whole bunch of your shit stolen in the Southeast.

A woman kicked down her ex's door in Pikesville.

The woman shot by police in Pikesville, Stephanie Kamlot, also allegedly assaulted her former neighbor in the parking lot of the Seven Mile Market last year.

"Sex fetish festival canceled in Canton"

Friday, April 19, 2013

anything for u

A "domestic dispute" involving two women, a running gun battle and a 42-year-old male suspect dead in the 3400 bock of Foster Ave in Canton last night. One of the women was reportedly the suspect's wife.*

Boston bomber brothers' uncle lives in Maryland, in Montgomery Village (near Gaithersburg) and was named as Ruslan Tsarni, he's apparently who the FBI have been getting much of their info from, but thanks to the media publishing his name and photo his life is probably going to be hell from now on. Wait, Ruslan? I feel like I've seen that name somewhere before recently...

Are city police underreporting rapes (still/again*), or are they just bad at math*?

One Wardell Blackwell got himself in a barricade situation over an iPhone in Worser Waverly.

A decade for "Dready" the gun-and-Taser-toting heroin dealer.

A home invasion robbery in Medfield.

"anything for u": A guilty plea for illegal computer access from a former city officer, Keith Nowlin, who searched MVA records at the behest of drug dealer Marvin Mobley.

"Harford County's top prosecutor said Wednesday that he does not have enough evidence to show that Alexander Kinyua is criminally responsible for killing a family friend and eating his organs* last year."

Triple shooting at The Loft, a redneck bar in Essex*

Remember Senator Thomas Bromwell? William Bond is still pursuing the case, and here's an Op-Ed from him.

Dirt bikes confiscated, adorable puppies found (including one inside a shipping crate, says Fenton).

A HarfCo Sherriff's deputy was arrested for giving a Baltimore towing company classified info on where to find cars that were due for a repossessing.

Need tips on how to be a better criminal? There's a subReddit for that. Also for opiate addicts, plushies with zoophile tendencies, and people who are totally not addicted to meth (why turtles?). Also, don't click any of those links at work. Or ever. Forget I posted them. Oh, and CISPA passed. Could this week suck any worse? One day left to find out!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bring the MFn Ruckus

Our 180th homicide was a "domestic" in the 700 block of North Rose Street, a man stabbed and ID'd as 40-year-old Shawn A. Brown; our 181st homicide was a 41-year-old man* from Parkville, Michael Anthony Allen, shot "in the Johnson Square area," apparently not a euphemism but a reported actual neighborhood, south of Greenmount cemetery-- oh wait, no, it's JohnsTon. Anyway this is the 6th murder there this year. Wonder what prompted Mr. Allen to visit the neighborhood? (Double-dog dare you to visit it after dark and touch the south wall of the cemetery, oOooo.)

Yike, missed this one, a student alleges a knifepoint rape while walking to the CONDOM campus from the Loyola U library about a week ago.

Early voting is back on-- you can vote at any center in the county in which you are registered. FWIW, a Sun poll found* that ballot questions 4 and 6, which sounded soundly approved in previous polls are now polling too close to call, and q 7 now appears to be on the verge of rejection. So much suspense! And wow, this election your vote might actually matter.

A 19 y/o arrested and charged w robbing a White Marsh Chik-Fil-A customer (in the mall?)

In other news, Ravens OT Bryant McKinnie denies owing $375,000 to Trick Daddy's father for strip-club expenses * [un-Sun link here]

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Anthony Anderson = homicided

The Med Examiner has ruled Anthony Anderson's death a homicide from blunt-force injury and primarily a pulmonary contusion (bruised lung), fractured ribs, hemorrhaged tissues, a torn spleen and blood from those injuries filling his guts (hemoperitoneum) -- not an overdose or by choking on .
swallowed drugs as the BPD initially reported, though police do say "morphine" was in his system 
(yes, not "opiates," "morphine" in particular. Is the toxicology report finished? If so, where is it?)   Here's the autopsy report released by the family & uploaded by Fenton, and the Fenton story... you may recall that our new presumptive police chief resigned in Oakland after a court found that his department had failed to implement court-ordered policies to control police abuses, that citizens who complained about it faced "cavalier rejection" of their complaints, and that "the agency misused an early-warning system that flags officers who frequently use force or generate citizen complaints." Baltimore, of course, doesn't even have a public system by which to track or address such complaints to begin with, unless you count our citizen review board that's sworn to secrecy and has zero power, or the invisible-to-us internal police "administrative reviews" that the department openly admits take "months or years*" to complete.  

Sooo, why did Oakland get to have federal court oversight and Baltimore never has? We had the "Flex Squad" in the SW planting drugs and framing people,* just like Oakland's "Riders." We've had officers shot in chaotic no-clear-lines-of command incidents,* just like Oakland. So why did the Oakland PD get total federal oversight and Baltimore has never gotten more than a federal visit or two?
In other news, plans for the new youth jail soldier on.* (remind me, is it federal or local money building this jail?)

And thank you Kevin Rector, finally*-- after a slew of confusing rape/ abuction stories a little clarity: three sex assault/ kidnapping/ robbery victims, two perps -- Kenyon Waller and William Campbell -- who're both now in jail. The first incident of a teen kidnapped at gunpoint off the street then robbed and sexually assaulted was Sept. 25, but as far as I can tell only the Catonsville Patch reported it. Wonder why. I'd throw in a dab of snark here about how if it had happened to a blonde girl in Towson you wouldn't have been able to eat your Cheerios without hearing Don Scott recount every filthy little detail, but my outrage fatigue is acting up.

Fifteen years for Timothy Dennison, 22, who bought "sham cocaine" from an ICE Homeland Security Investigations agent (whatever happened to the DEA?)

A scathing report from the Senate found that the Department of Homeland Security has spent about a billion dollars to spy on citizens, while thwarting not a single terrorist attack. Next (or probably already) from Homeland Security: automatically tracking everyone's car's movements using license-plate scanning technology. Grouses a proprietor of a for-profit license tracking service, "I take absolute exception to any government telling me that I can't go into public and take video ... that's taking my freedoms away."