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Friday, April 19, 2013

anything for u

A "domestic dispute" involving two women, a running gun battle and a 42-year-old male suspect dead in the 3400 bock of Foster Ave in Canton last night. One of the women was reportedly the suspect's wife.*

Boston bomber brothers' uncle lives in Maryland, in Montgomery Village (near Gaithersburg) and was named as Ruslan Tsarni, he's apparently who the FBI have been getting much of their info from, but thanks to the media publishing his name and photo his life is probably going to be hell from now on. Wait, Ruslan? I feel like I've seen that name somewhere before recently...

Are city police underreporting rapes (still/again*), or are they just bad at math*?

One Wardell Blackwell got himself in a barricade situation over an iPhone in Worser Waverly.

A decade for "Dready" the gun-and-Taser-toting heroin dealer.

A home invasion robbery in Medfield.

"anything for u": A guilty plea for illegal computer access from a former city officer, Keith Nowlin, who searched MVA records at the behest of drug dealer Marvin Mobley.

"Harford County's top prosecutor said Wednesday that he does not have enough evidence to show that Alexander Kinyua is criminally responsible for killing a family friend and eating his organs* last year."

Triple shooting at The Loft, a redneck bar in Essex*

Remember Senator Thomas Bromwell? William Bond is still pursuing the case, and here's an Op-Ed from him.

Dirt bikes confiscated, adorable puppies found (including one inside a shipping crate, says Fenton).

A HarfCo Sherriff's deputy was arrested for giving a Baltimore towing company classified info on where to find cars that were due for a repossessing.

Need tips on how to be a better criminal? There's a subReddit for that. Also for opiate addicts, plushies with zoophile tendencies, and people who are totally not addicted to meth (why turtles?). Also, don't click any of those links at work. Or ever. Forget I posted them. Oh, and CISPA passed. Could this week suck any worse? One day left to find out!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

'my mouth was watering the whole time'

Whoa, an arrest in a homicide before we I* found out it happened: 17-year-old Michelle Adrian of Middletown, MD was allegedly killed by 18-year-old Dorrien Allen* in the 3900 block of Mulberry St. The Ink covers the year's murders one through five.

Major gun summit in town yesterday, featuring Bloomberg and with recommendations delivered to the White House.

What. The. Fuck!! Some poor single Baltimore woman had lunch with an old college pal one Gilberto Valle, now a NYPD cop living in Queens. Valle then allegedly proceeded to go online and share his fantasies of killing, slow- cooking and eating her. Oh, and he also had a dossier on 100 other women, compiled from police dept info. His partner, one Michael Van Hise, posted online about wanting to turn his 3-year-old stepdaughter into a sex slave and offering up his nieces for rape. Just, what..? Good gravy, single ladies, watch out for those old college friends.

From the Feds: drugs, firefighter indicted for porn, six mortgage fraudsters indicted

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Victim was eaten: Morgan State student charged in Joppa killing told police he ingested man's organs
 Bath salts?!