Wednesday, January 16, 2013

'my mouth was watering the whole time'

Whoa, an arrest in a homicide before we I* found out it happened: 17-year-old Michelle Adrian of Middletown, MD was allegedly killed by 18-year-old Dorrien Allen* in the 3900 block of Mulberry St. The Ink covers the year's murders one through five.

Major gun summit in town yesterday, featuring Bloomberg and with recommendations delivered to the White House.

What. The. Fuck!! Some poor single Baltimore woman had lunch with an old college pal one Gilberto Valle, now a NYPD cop living in Queens. Valle then allegedly proceeded to go online and share his fantasies of killing, slow- cooking and eating her. Oh, and he also had a dossier on 100 other women, compiled from police dept info. His partner, one Michael Van Hise, posted online about wanting to turn his 3-year-old stepdaughter into a sex slave and offering up his nieces for rape. Just, what..? Good gravy, single ladies, watch out for those old college friends.

From the Feds: drugs, firefighter indicted for porn, six mortgage fraudsters indicted

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