Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Crimes of passion, crimes of stupidity

A first-degree murder conviction for Anthony Cole, whose crime of passion was shooting a man who happened to be sitting next to Cole's wife. The man died, the wife survived.

Three were shot last weekend in front of an afterhours joint* on W. North Avenue called the Ras-a-Ter International Restaurant and Club.

Sean Lee- PD photo
Ahso, that "flamethrower" being wielded at the Loch Raven apartments-- which actually singed an officer-- was actually an aerosol can and a lighter. The wielder was one Sean Lee, 44, who a neighbor called police to claim he was breaking into an apartment. Lee's lawyer says he has some "psychological issues."*

Oh those crazy junkies! Another hour-long car chase from the city's Southside drug market up to the county, this one ended in Ruxton.

Robbery suspect
Have you seen this robbery suspect at left? He's been hitting up 7-11s and RoFos.

FBI's preliminary crime data shows rise in violent crime and property crime reports: apne.ws/RSwfzm -SS
WJZ following reports of a police chase, right now criss-crossing between Baltimore City & County. Suspect fled from city drug arrest.

Only God can Judge me for stealing from Fenton's Instagram feed 

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