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Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Hand that Fed You

A 56-year-old woman in CHUM died after being attacked* by her own pit bull.

Sterling Ford
One Sterling Ford has been charged for a non-fatal shooting of a 50-year-old man that happened in the 2000 block of Homewood Avenue last Thursday, shooting that police didn't Tweet and doesn't appear to have been reported anywhere. Police are ISO two more suspects.

Another case of a church leader allegedly sexually abusing kids-- this time at Greater Grace Church, the accused is one Raymond Fernandez, said incidents happened in the late 90s and Towson police are ISO any other victims.

The case against the Jarrettsville lady accused of unlawfully screwing the pooch has been dismissed,* the HarfCo prosecutors have declined to prosecute for whatever reason.
Dayum, Ray Lewis lost $3.7 million of his money on bad investments and is suing BB&T Bank.

How's that curse I cursed you with, Kirstie?! Harbor Point construction has been delayed* by environmental agencies, which found "artificially high" levels of hexavalent chromium near the site. How they know it's artificial I have no idea.

Monday, February 4, 2013

'Where is Baltimore at?'

The city's 18th homicide victim was a woman shot in the face* in the 1600 block of McKean Avenue, allegedly by her "boyfriend" during the Superbowl last night. Victim #17 was a man named Christopher Samuels, shot to death on Wheeler Avenue.

Ian Duncan has more* on the murder of Lois Jean Vance Smyth-- apparently she and her killer, Kenneth Todd Brunetti, were romantically involved. And his Facebook page is still live; he enjoys Ultimate Fighting and the movie "Hitch."

Scott Dance Tweets/reports (Tweeports?) that the defense has rested in the Phylicia Barnes case, after calling just one witness, Michael Johnson's co-worker, who testified that he was a good worker who nevertheless called in sick the day Barnes went missing. Here's more from Fenton* on what Judge Nance had to say about the circumstantial evidence in the case; prosecutors have moved to add a second-degree murder charge.

Baltimorean goes to NOLA, steals Superbowl tickets from Georgians, gets arrested

Also during the game, a barricade situation in Edgewood

188 months in prison for Danilo Garcia, who the feds say was the leader of a large heroin distribution ring

... so did anyone else find themselves having to say more than once yesterday, "he's not a murderer! He just let the killers ride in his limo!"well, this piece would have come in handy. Also, the lead detective on the case now says Ray Lewis should never have been charged with murder. Well, duh.

A would-be cellphone robber stabbed a guy in the neck in Harwood

Have you seen an awkward-looking ponytail'd white guy with a truck named Franklin? (see right)

A spate of robberies on the East side, including cell phones stolen by a pack of 10 or 11 guys, and a burglary in which a size 11 Prada shoe was left behind (Cinderfella?)

I guess a protest at Gregg Bernstein's house did happen on Saturday, though when I drove by at around 2 p.m. I didn't see anyone.

Twitter: where there are people who don't know where Baltimore "is at" and aren't ashamed to admit it.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Stupidbowl

A triple shooting in the NW early this morning, with one fatality.

Life + 25 for Kenneth Brunetti, the Facebook friend of Lois Jean Vance Smyth who was convicted of her murder/robbery.

An indictment for Kyle "Cappo" Stevens of Remington, accused of dealing drugs and "use of a firearm in furtherance of a drug conspiracy related to two murders"

And 50 years for Randall Martin Jr., who tried to burn down his ex-girlfriend's house while she, her 5-year-old son and two other people were inside.

A Middle River family's Taser lawsuit can go ahead, rules 4th circuit.*

Ten years for Brian Williams, 28, accused of videotaping boys at urinals* at two MD rest stops.

A guilty plea from a woman accused of defrauding the National Guard.

Kim Trueheart was let back into City Hall

The guy who says he sold Ray Lewis deer velvet antler spray brought spray and a pair of perky nipples to New Orleans, told the press that he's gotten death threats

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Women in media, carjacking,
Mandingo fighting

After weeks of motions, trial starts today for Phylicia Barnes' alleged killer, Michael Johnson, with jury selection today and Judge Nance presiding. Fenton (or somebody) is "liveblogging" (?) the trial and says they're now considering trying to fit a 5'9" person into a 35-gallon plastic storage container* to see if it can be done. Blergh. Prosecutors say Johnson sent Barnes 500+ text messages before her fateful trip.  Fenton also posted Judge Nance*'s meticulous list of courtroom restrictions for reporters* that include a display period for reporters of exhibits, but no photos allowed. Men of media, round up your adjectives (all the crime reporters are all men now, aren't they?)
Ian Duncan notes, "The media attention Barnes' case received had the paradoxical effect of stoking public debate about missing minority children typically receiving less attention.*" Though given the sex tape and the lurid nature of it all, maybe it's not a bad thing that Nancy Grace is not vamping around-- nobody remind her this trial is happening, ok?

Happy 40th birthday, Roe v. Wade, and happy 40 years of wasting everyone's time with jackassed "personhood amendments," revolting fetus-corpse signs and other harassment, fake Christians. Fivedollarfeminist nails it:
"why sponsor legislation pretending that a tiny fetus is a person when you know it will never become law? Because it's more important to show your radical constituents that you believe a women has no right to control her own body than to actually do the work of passing [real] laws. Everyone's got priorities.
It's been 40 years. Mifepristone is a reality. All these people are doing are harassing women carrying non-viable fetuses. Enough already, "personhood" people. Time for RU-486 to be sold in fruit flavors at every bodega, next to Plan B (and that male bc pill we've been promised since the dawn of time).

It's Tuesday and this is a crime blog, let's revisit Ray Lewis' murder charges. (Anyone else think if Calvin Candie existed today he'd own a football team?)
AAC police are ISO convict Raynard Boston, right, wanted for shooting a bouncer and another guy outside the My Place bar in Odenton Saturday.
Also in AAC: more rape at the Naval Academy.

Some drunk-mick city officer, left, pointed his gun at Towsonites. Looks like a real mouthbreather.

The Patch's Sean Tully is pissed about rats.

Have you seen these Nicka conspirators?