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Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Hand that Fed You

A 56-year-old woman in CHUM died after being attacked* by her own pit bull.

Sterling Ford
One Sterling Ford has been charged for a non-fatal shooting of a 50-year-old man that happened in the 2000 block of Homewood Avenue last Thursday, shooting that police didn't Tweet and doesn't appear to have been reported anywhere. Police are ISO two more suspects.

Another case of a church leader allegedly sexually abusing kids-- this time at Greater Grace Church, the accused is one Raymond Fernandez, said incidents happened in the late 90s and Towson police are ISO any other victims.

The case against the Jarrettsville lady accused of unlawfully screwing the pooch has been dismissed,* the HarfCo prosecutors have declined to prosecute for whatever reason.
Dayum, Ray Lewis lost $3.7 million of his money on bad investments and is suing BB&T Bank.

How's that curse I cursed you with, Kirstie?! Harbor Point construction has been delayed* by environmental agencies, which found "artificially high" levels of hexavalent chromium near the site. How they know it's artificial I have no idea.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pooch screwed

 Stephanie Mickles
Harford County school employee Stephanie Mickles was arrested after copious photographic and video evidence was discovered of her fucking the family dog and faces a maximum of 10 years in prison. In case you were also wondering, the highest penalty for fighting a dog in MD is three years. Poisoning a dog to death, misdemeanor, $100 fine. 

Also in ArfCo, a man in a minivan is creeping around and stalking children.

A barricade situation on N. Parrish Street, and the barricadee is a 20-year-veteran city officer with tactical training, James Smith, who also had his toddler son in the house. Fenton updates that the situation has ended and the woman who was shot, his girlfriend, has died.

A man was stabbed in the head in a domestic dispute in Upton

Utah kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart told a crowd at Hopkins that shame from her absinence-only sex ed was what kept her from running away from her captors.

Tyrone Brown got life in prison for shooting Rodney Pridget to death at the behest of the BGF at Towson Town Center.

A man in Harwood disarmed a guy who tried to attack him with a sawed-off shotgun on 28th St.

A man was robbed in front of the FOP lodge in Hampden.

A DC officer, Jared Weinburg, was arrested for laundering more than $2 million for drug gangs in Baltimore and elsewhere.

Shorty Davis is running for Lt. Governor.