Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Self-help books, cigars and shrimp

?? A jury acquitted and dropped all charges against a man accused of beating a 73-year-old Hampden cab driver to death*-- in spite of the fact that the cab driver knew the man as his roommate's brother and identified him by name before he died. WTF, jury?

Ink details last week's seven murders

Batts reportedly requested a VINN diagram of Black Guerilla Family,* told Fenton in addition to their usual gangful activities the gang is also forcibly expanding and demanding that subsets pay tributes, leading to friction. The BGF is, of course the biggest crime franchise in town, running the city's best open-air drug markets, smuggling champagne, shrimp and cigars into prison, extorting prisoners for protection, laundering money, committing numerous horrific murders and publishing self-help-books.

Speaking of Batts, his City Council confirmation is tonight at 5; CD Witherspoon and Occupy is planning a protest to start at city hall at 4.

Crime is up nationally, says the FBI's UCR. But it's down in Baltimore city, right?

A month after it began, that Daniel McIntosh pot/money laundering/Nicka conspiracy trial is still going on in Greenbelt, sounds like.

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evaline said...

Hey mb, very interesting article in Mother Jones

It's about solitary confinement in Cali but there's loads of stuff about the BGF.