Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shadowy figures

Police released a photo of suspects fleeing the scene of the shooting death of Dr. Peter Marvit* on Chesterfield Ave in Belair-Edison. Police theorize that Marvit was robbed because thieves mistook him for a food-delivery person.

Boy, 15, shot in leg near Johns Hopkins Hospital: *

Life w/o parole for William Ward III and Frank Williams,* convicted of murdering Rodney Pridget outside the Nordstrom Rack.

The funeral of 16 y/o vicim Ahjee Harrod is today at the Southern Baptist church at 1701 N. Chester 

Pimp Marco Sanchez got five years for importing 100 hos

In the Northern district someone was robbed of something called a "Wussi scooter"*

Ah Baltimore, where the comptroller is suing the mayor

This just in (again): the U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world, with 2.2 million people currently @the belly of the beast. Prof. to Bloomberg: "The model is, if you built it, they will come."

Fenton profiles The Rev. CD Witherspoon,* local community activist/onetime city council candidate. Good for him, speaking up for change. But please, Rev, do not sully your rep by hanging out with J. Wyndal Gordon, the "Warrior Lawyer." You may recall Gordon was Frank Conaway's attorney who had some choice Jew-hating sentiments during the Adam Meister assalt/unlicensed concealed weapon kerfuffle*: "'When you have a situation where you have a Jewish victim and an African-American male, you have things happen differently than if it happened to be a regular case,' [Gordon] said. He suggested that 'perhaps because of their commonality in their religion ... ' " Cortly should find himself some nice liberal social-activist Jews to hang out with next, dontchathink?

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