Friday, May 3, 2013

Gun-stealing baby

 Sharmell Thomas
Des'Marie Braxton
Sharmell Thomas, now 23, was convicted of killing his girlfriend's 14-month-old child, Des'Marie Braxton, while he was babysitting her. Damn, I've read/written those words a lot of times. Sigh. Thomas was an aspiring actor and model, but he'd also been charged with assaulting a police officer, and at the time of Braxton's death there was a warrant out for his arrest for assaulting the child's mother, who nevertheless left her alone with Thomas for several days. You might recall Thomas has an eerily portentous Myspace page with sayings on it like, "YES I Am A" "OUR DEEPEST FEAR IS THAT WE ARE POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE" and "its not how u start its how u finish."

#71: shooting death in the 600 block of Cokesbury Ave.*

"Dominic Matthews, 40, pled guilty this week to shooting his former girlfriend for refusing to marry him."

O'Malley signed that bill abolishing the Death Penalty, making MD the 18th state to do so.

Well, you can't bitch about what you don't know about: journalists were apparently (illegally) locked out of a speed-camera meeting with Brekford Corp.* Concurs an unnamed rep of the Maryland Drivers' Alliance:
The city created meeting minutes 5 months after the original meeting dates in order to respond to the complaint (the state's Open meetings law requires minutes to be kept for public meetings). In the minutes from the one meeting in November 2013 which I personally (only because I was informed of the meeting date by a member of the press and had demanded the opportunity to present evidence of speed camera errors), none of the other speakers were named and none of the details of the testimony and evidence presented by me or anyone else was listed... the document was clearly hastily put together based on someone's foggy recollection that a meeting had taken place that day.
Area dog thefts are on the rise,* and it's not just purebred puppies, neither. (Aiee, warning if you are a Sun subscriber, reading this article will subject you to a very loud advertisement).

Six MD veterans are in trouble after allegedly falsely claiming that they were exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam.

A man was arrested for shoplifting 13 bars of soap at Herman's Discount on Greenmount; a man in Better Waverly claims his gun was stolen by a baby; a tuxedo was stolen in Hampden. 
 From Carrie Wells' Twiiter. LULZ!

The Sun's Ian Duncan was on TV last night, discussing the jail situation with horrible human being Bill O'Reilly.


Cham said...

Not so fast on Sharmell Thomas. The State's Attorney has failed to disclose a few key facts about the case. As we recall, he killed his girlfriend's child. Sure he was "babysitting" but only because the girlfriend had been gone for days and he didn't know where she was, she left him with her kid. I could see how he was getting a tad frustrated.

So why didn't he turn the kid over to social services you might ask. That doesn't work out so well either. Sterling Parker was stabbed to death in August of 2012 for turning children with disappearing parents over to social services.

Anonymous said...

Cham, does anybody like you?

ppatin said...

Lord knows I don't.

BTW, how in the world do the mother's actions make it less wrong for him to kill an infant?

Maurice Bradbury said...

I like her. She trolls to make you think.