Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Friggin beer owed

That old calling card of drug dealers and Pasadena teenagers, the Moltov cocktail, is making a summertime comeback in the Northeast with 12 thrown since the end of April.

The Ink has details of murders 96-100 (but no updates)

Ooh boy, the jail corruption task force is setting to work,* we're going to see some right big changes real soon now y'all!

Who's calling Baltimore residents and asking what they think of SRB, Dixon and author Wes Moore*?

Irony alert: Congressional Committee NSA hearing lovefest ends with NSA boss Keith Alexander accidentally broadcasting his own private conversation regarding a "friggin beer."

Meanwhile Van Smith writes about how Judge Ellen Lipton Hollander is presiding over a FOIA lawsuit for the release of 49 legal documents in the Bradley Manning case. The military courts decided they don't have jurisdiction to decide, so it's on her.

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