Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Murder 101

Five men shot last night, one killed,* three of the men were shot in the 2600 block of Grogan Avenue in Berea, East Baltimore.

Jamal Diggs was our city's 100th murder victim* of 2013. (Any relation to Kendra Diggs, #74, or Anthony Diggs, #183 of 2012?)?

Police are looking for a man who showed women his peen in a HoCo Target dressing room

WBAL, this story takes place in Delaware. Why are you running this? Oh, right, the part about the 8-month-long erection. hehehe


charntae douglas said...

I would truly love to know whom posted the comment "Congratulations, Jamal Diggs, you are/were our city's 100th murder victim* of 2013." Are you trying to be sarcastic by saying congrats to someone that was brutally murdered? I'm lost for words to read comments like this but I will keep this as clean as I can. To read this bullshit especially since he was my ex and a good friend of mine you nor this blog have any class. You don't no if these victims are babies or kids and what parent wants to read that. And here i thought this was a professional page but who wants to read negative post about someone who was murdered. It's not only offensive to Jamal's family but the other victims as well. I'll be sure to screen shot the post and pass the word ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube you get the picture) that if anyone has jus lost a loved one beware of what you might read about them on this page and I don't recommend it.

Maurice Bradbury said...

It was meant to be sardonic, but you're right. I apologize and I have edited it.