Monday, June 24, 2013

Make that 20

and record-breaking shootings calls for epic platitudes, so where has the mayor been all weekend and all day? .... but was Justin Fenton ever caught slipping? Hell no!* Like a quickly congealing blood puddle, reports are dripping in about the 20 people shot* this past weekend and since SRB slipped off to the conference of mayors in Vegas his soothing Northeastern soft-palate tone will have to suffice:
"do you know any of the victims from the shooting?"
"my daughter-in-law Donyae Jones, my cousin we call her Shanky, her name Yolanda Herr, it was two girls down the street, we heard all the shooting then it sound like somebody was trying to get in my back door and when I come up it was like everybody like all up in my house.. I didn't even know Donyae was like upstairs and when she inside she was all curled up I guess she was trying to leave a message to my son and took her blood and make a heart on the wall and tried to write my son name, you know, Moe. I'm sorry y'all, the more I think about it..."

Geeze I dn't even have the will to talk about the guy hiding coke in his flip-flops.


Cham said...

Donyae Jones. sp

mb said...

Thnx boo

JMT said...

drawing hearts in blood for her boyfriend while she was dying ?? wowzers...thats fn insane