Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Shooty shoot shoots!

If your expectations involved more shooting, your expectations have been satisfiedTwo guys on South Catherine Street were plugged in the side and the thigh, respectively.
Meanwhile the Police Union has gotten in on the blame game from last weekend's massacre, claiming their report for more effective policing from last July has been ignored by the department.
And Batts will be in city hall talking some words tomorrow night at 6.

Another kid mauled by a pit bull, this one Thursday night on Ramsay Street. I know most pit bulls are really sweet but the ones that aren't sure do get around, dayum.

Ed Ericsson reported on the city's biggest tax gives, and how they're performing. "Why should city taxpayers subsidize a billionaire developer building office space for huge corporations and high-end housing, protestors ask, while basic needs go unmet and ordinary taxpayers get socked with ever-increasing fees?" Indeed!

Remember after the Colorado shootings how down in PGC this fat pizza-faced guy called his workplace, claimed to be "the Joker" and threatening to shoot everyone? Well dude is off the hook and has "defective" court documents to thank.

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