Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pookie in Roger's Forge

Gunshots and an overturned vehicle in... Rogers Forge?

Murder Ink brings us to to our 126th homicide.
Gennie Shird

Darryl Anderson, 25, wanted for the shooting at a block party that killed 20-year-old Gennie Shird and injured two other women, was arrested in Alabama.

Well, there's something, the BPD has arrested one Lamont Jones for a quadruple shooting (no date given). "Court documents say Jones and another man were disguised as construction workers when they came up on the four victims who were sitting on the steps of a home on Edmonson and Carrolton and opened fire. All four men survived."

The sun wasn't all that was rising in Michael Dale Irwin's Cecil County home.

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