Monday, July 15, 2013

The Sextortables

Page Croyder splains the Unger decision that releases 13 murderers.

Nice job, Curtis Bay neighbors, busting breaker-inner Michael Pitman.

"Towson Man Locks Himself in Parents' Severna Park House, Gets Tased" in childhood bedroom

"Vera Bradley Bag Burglar Arrested in Dumpster Pleads Guilty"

In AAC, wanted pedophile Christopher Barnes was arrested, and four other wanted pervs were nabbed by ICE in the state. New word: "sextorting"* The 61 victims of the nationwide bust of 255 predators included 42 girls, 19 boys and three victims under the age of 3. Blurgh.

And oh, hey, there's some BS: Scott Calvert says the Police Department tried to charge the Sun thousands to access public emails* (and still is hoping for $150). Needless to say if you're a regular citizen who suspects police malfeasance, fuck you gently with a chainsaw and appeal to officer Heywood Jawblowme.

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