Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Zach Sowers' Attacker Arrested Again

Arthur Jeter
Police arrested Arthur Jeter for a handgun violation. Jeter, then 17, was one of the guys who assaulted/killed* 28-year-old Zach Sowers six years ago while he was walking his pug near Patterson Park. For agreeing to testify against fellow attacker Trayvon Ramos, Jeter had all charged dropped but armed robbery and got eight years. He also pleaded guilty to another armed robbery two days after the Sowers attack. At sentencing two of the attackers apologized to the Sowers family, Jeter was not one of them.*

Another guilty plea in the jail/BGF scandal: Kimberly Dennis, who was the first target of federal wiretaps, got down with two Guerilla guys (including inmate Derius Duncan, in a closet), allegedly smuggled in cell phones and tobacco and said of an inmate who was stabbed after not paying his smuggling tax to the BGF, "yeah, them niggas banged him. .. whoever catch, you gotta pay a bill." When Dennis was busted, the feds seized gel caps, condoms and her white Chevy Camaro. She faxes a maximum of 20 years.

Andrew Palmer
Andrew Palmer
The Ink details murders 186-189: Steven Wayne Pearson, Durrell Gaskins,  Keith Holly Jr., Lance-Trenton Maurice Allen and Darrell Berry.

Remember Andy Palmer, 46, who got out of thousands of $$ of restaurant checks by faking seizures? Well he was arrested again... for dodging restaurant checks by faking seizures.*

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