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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Zach Sowers' Attacker Arrested Again

Arthur Jeter
Police arrested Arthur Jeter for a handgun violation. Jeter, then 17, was one of the guys who assaulted/killed* 28-year-old Zach Sowers six years ago while he was walking his pug near Patterson Park. For agreeing to testify against fellow attacker Trayvon Ramos, Jeter had all charged dropped but armed robbery and got eight years. He also pleaded guilty to another armed robbery two days after the Sowers attack. At sentencing two of the attackers apologized to the Sowers family, Jeter was not one of them.*

Another guilty plea in the jail/BGF scandal: Kimberly Dennis, who was the first target of federal wiretaps, got down with two Guerilla guys (including inmate Derius Duncan, in a closet), allegedly smuggled in cell phones and tobacco and said of an inmate who was stabbed after not paying his smuggling tax to the BGF, "yeah, them niggas banged him. .. whoever catch, you gotta pay a bill." When Dennis was busted, the feds seized gel caps, condoms and her white Chevy Camaro. She faxes a maximum of 20 years.

Andrew Palmer
Andrew Palmer
The Ink details murders 186-189: Steven Wayne Pearson, Durrell Gaskins,  Keith Holly Jr., Lance-Trenton Maurice Allen and Darrell Berry.

Remember Andy Palmer, 46, who got out of thousands of $$ of restaurant checks by faking seizures? Well he was arrested again... for dodging restaurant checks by faking seizures.*

Thursday, March 27, 2008

March 27

More about Zach Sowers' death: the Sun, the Examiner, WJZ, WBAL TV, WMAR.

A 19-year-old man died this morning after being shot in the chest in the 100 block of Addison St. in Carrollton Ridge. An 18-year-old was injured in the same shooting.

Four people were shot in two separate shootings last night. In the Eastern, a woman was treated at Hopkins for a "graze wound," and three teenagers were shot on N. Gilmor St. -- including a 14-year-old girl who got shot in the face.

A man on Olympia Ave. in the Northwestern learned an important life lesson yesterday: don't lunge at cops with a knife if you don't want to get shot. He had about two hours to contemplate his mistake before he died.

Baltimore City juries aren't completely useless: (Oops. That was a Baltimore County jury. Anyway...) David Miller's jury deliberated for less than an hour before they found him guilty for killing Elizabeth Walters and their unborn baby.

Eugene Perry got two consecutive life sentences for murdering his ex-fiancee and her boyfriend. Perry was a police officer with the state Department of General Services, and his victims were both cops in the Northwestern.

In HoCo, a student testified against a teacher who allegedly took icky photos of the boy with his pants down.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Zach Sowers

It is with great sadness that I write to tell you that my close and wonderful friend, Zach Sowers, passed away yesterday, Tuesday, March 25, after a long and steady decline. Anna called me today to tell me that he passed away peacefully around 10 p.m. last night. Zach is now at peace after a long and treacherous battle. He was so strong and fought until the very end but it provides comfort for us all to know that he is now in heaven, watching over his friends and family.

Anna has told me that she and the family are doing as well as can be. They have a strong network of friends and family supporting them and ask that their privacy be respected during this difficult time.
From the Sun:
The teens convicted of beating Sowers could not be charged with murder because the victim hadn't died; their pleas prevent prosecutors from pursing murder charges now.

In December, Trayvon Ramos, 16, pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree murder and robbery charges and was sentenced to life in prison with all but 40 years suspended. Three others, who agreed to testify against Ramos, received eight-year prison terms.

Anna Sowers had called the sentences "a joke."

Prosecutors said that the four teens robbed Sowers and used his credit cards to purchase gas and videos during a shopping spree over several days.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

August 5

Don't forget Neighbor's Night Out!
Join your fellow crimefighters in boozing it up at Max's this minute!
Even if it seems like Dixon is co-oping the event, galt, proceeds do go to the Zach Sowers Recovery Fund, a very worthy cause.

Do you know someone who drives in MoCo in a silver BMW 5 series that now has front-end damage (or their car's suddenly disappeared? Well that said someone may have mowed down 17-year-old prospective chef Esai Lopez, and you should totally narc on them.

"Can we have a police patrol in this area?" a resident of asked Sheila Dixon. But not a peep as to what the mayor's answer was?!

"The reason why we chose Baltimore was, they came in with the highest bid on bodies." -- Maj. Jeffrey Ball in a Sun medical melodrama piece ("A Doctor at War") on how UMM's Shock Trauma trained a doctor for Iraq.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

August 4

"A 20-year-old man was shot several times in the 3400 block of Carlisle Ave. in Northwest Baltimore about 12:30 a.m. He was taken to Sinai Hospital for surgery and listed in grave condition, police said. About an hour later, a man was shot in the head in the 3600 block of E. Lombard St., ... The man was taken to Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center and is not expected to survive. ... Another man was stabbed about 5 p.m. yesterday near Liberty Heights Avenue and Garrison Boulevard in the Forest Park neighborhood."
rape suspect
Police have released a sketch of the suspect who raped an 88-year-old woman, shown at right. Hmm, is that man Asian?

Gus S. on the Zach Sowers case.
Where's everybody going for neighbors' night out tomorrow?
The family & I will be at Mama's on the Half Shell at 6 (the only place in the city that has lobster rolls and a children's menu) ...hope everyone comes out!

Defendant Brandon Morris, accused of shooting Correctional Officer Jeffery Wroten, is such a spaz he'll have to wear a stun belt to court.

As regular readers surely know, killer moms aren't rare.

In MoCo, Francesco Kelly, who at age 16 shot a man because the victim's girlfriend made fun of him on a bus, is a free man.
"The verdict surprised even the defense team."

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

July 17

A man was shot to death last night in the 3400 block of St. Ambrose Ave. in the NW (#181).

More witness intimidation: Myron Gladney, brother of murder suspect Anthony Gladney, is accused of shooting a witness while he waited for a bus on The Alameda.

zach sowersWith four suspects expected to plead not guilty to attempted murder tomorrow, Zach Sowers remains in a coma. Family and friends have organized a "Neighbors Night Out Against Crime" in various bars for August 5 to help raise money for Sowers' medical bills.

Kevin "Chopper" Barnes, former star of the MTV reality show "Making the Band 2" pleaded guilty to robbing a couple with a BB gun six years ago when he was 16. Now a judge has issued a bench warrant for his arrest for failing to meet with his probation officer.

Clothing confiscated from a police officer accused of sexually assaulting a teenager at a precinct house has gone missing from the police department's evidence control unit.

History corner: Baltimore's most murderous year was 1993during the Schmoke Years, when, with a population of about 724,000, 353 people were killed. As the body count piles up for 2007, Dixon blames the judiciary, and Judge Glynn blames The People: "If the citizens want to know what the problem is, I suggest they look at themselves. And, of course, the politicians are no better than citizens. But the heart of this problem lies with the citizens of Baltimore. They commit the crimes. They don't testify against the criminals. And they don't vote to convict the guilty."

The City Council race is "neck-and-neck" between the two 'legacy' candidates.