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Sunday, August 5, 2007

August 5

Don't forget Neighbor's Night Out!
Join your fellow crimefighters in boozing it up at Max's this minute!
Even if it seems like Dixon is co-oping the event, galt, proceeds do go to the Zach Sowers Recovery Fund, a very worthy cause.

Do you know someone who drives in MoCo in a silver BMW 5 series that now has front-end damage (or their car's suddenly disappeared? Well that said someone may have mowed down 17-year-old prospective chef Esai Lopez, and you should totally narc on them.

"Can we have a police patrol in this area?" a resident of asked Sheila Dixon. But not a peep as to what the mayor's answer was?!

"The reason why we chose Baltimore was, they came in with the highest bid on bodies." -- Maj. Jeffrey Ball in a Sun medical melodrama piece ("A Doctor at War") on how UMM's Shock Trauma trained a doctor for Iraq.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

July 25

The Baltimore branch of the NAACP wants citizens to get windowastic to display their outrage over the city's homicide rate.

Yesterday, I posted about a potential plan to create a gun registry, similar to the sex registry which already exists. Orlando Yarborough can be on both registries! What a lucky guy, huh?

CNN: Processed cheese stands in for a bomb during a possible terrorist dry-run in Baltimore, and other fun news from an unclassified TSA advisory.

Either I'm confused or WJZ is confused (or maybe we're both confused): isn't a "home invasion" generally a rather violent event which happens when the family is home? Because that's sort of always how I've taken to understand the phrase. I guess it's just another way of saying "burglary", and hopefully a.) no one gets hurt and b.) they get the dog back.

Baltimore City might take lessons from Baltimore County's squadPolice CAT Squad:
"A soft-spoken guy, Martin explains how the CAT Squad operates. "You throw a rock in some water, the rock is concentrated action there,” he says. “It disperses the water. We try to do the same thing with crime, by dispersing the crime, reducing the crime and get it out of different areas."

Hey, the headline writes the blurb: Pressures dictate plea deals, But sentences in city homicide cases aren't necessarily a bargain for the convicted.

A friend of mine once said Baltimore City was a lot like Mexico City: if you stick to the touristy areas, you'll be fine. Not quite so much -- three arrested in a shooting that left a man wounded in downtown last night.

There's a tidbit in that above article: "the city's last homicide occurred Thursday afternoon." Is this deserving of a celebration or just the result of dumb luck?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

February 21

Andre S. Jones was shot to death at Jusgos deli on the West side, and an unid'd man was found dead in the 1500 block of N. Bradford St.
Gus says they're 40 and 41, so who was 39?

Evil Carolyn Redd, 41, and Lawrence Gee, 33, were arrested Tuesday and charged with first-degree murder in the death of Redd's mother, 63-year-old Mary Page. Fox reported that Gee also raped Page.

More on Thomas D. Morten, who stabbed Donald Henderson "through 'every vital organ you can think of '" and "so hard that the tip of the knife broke off in the man's skull."

The Sun reports on the Clay Court apartments, a former open-air drug market where two men were murdered within 24 hours.

Forestville dentist Derek Curtis, 63, was sentenced to more than five years in prison for distributing cocaine and painkillers from his office.

A Cecil County grand jury indicted Loren Jennifer Love, 26, for assaulting a 75-year-old man inside his Conowingo home and giving him a "kiss of death" before stealing his pickup.

James Douglas allegedly tried to rob a Frederick liquor store and instead allegedly burned to death.

An off-duty cop working security at a Wachovia branch in the Northeast shot a wannabe bank robber.

Carroll County won't reduce the bail for Randy Humple, who allegedly shot a 17-year-old girl who was napping then ran away and hid.

WJZ reports that police shot a man in the 2100 block of Broadway in Fells Point, and the man then ran into a McDonalds. Interestingly, that address would place the man, the police, and the McDonalds smack in the middle of the Inner Harbor. Perhaps the editors at WJZ decided that a Fells Point shooting is more interesting than a South Clifton Park / Darley Park / East Baltimore Midway shooting. (Looks like they fixed their mistake. Hooray!)

Three teenagers were hit in a drive-by shooting in Annapolis

A plethora of well-read hoodlums in Harford County.

Rajah the poodle is dead, and his groomer claims, "He bite me. He’s not behaving very well and there’s no excuse for that."

Saturday, October 14, 2006

October 14

Officers fired after the Smoot beating death want their jobs back.

"In the summer of 2005, police burst into a Gardner (MA) apartment and expected to find a drug-dealing operation. They allege they did, but they also found a surprise: a 15-year-old boy from Baltimore who had been kidnapped ... The kidnappers were never found."

Former Sun editor-in-chief Bill Marimow has resigned as head of news for NPR, taken demotion to post of "ombudsman."

Nothing to do on a Saturday evening? Catch the live gubernatorial debate at 7 p.m. on WBAL, again Monday at 7 on JZ, or anytime at
Update: In case you missed it... the debate just raised more questions!
Why were the candidates sitting in little wooden bumper cars?
Why can't either one of them find a suit that fits? Were the slouchy sportcoats a conscious effort to project the common touch?
Does Ehrlich ever smile? And what's up with his gummy bracelets?
When did O'Malley start copying Bill Clinton's delivery, blinks, hand gestures and all?
O'Malley's desk was tidy and Ehrlich's was covered with papers ... what does that mean?
Who looked worse: O'Malley for interrupting over and over, or the governor for getting (repeatedly) flustered by it?
And finally, who won? (I have my opinion, but I want to see what you-all think!)
ps. the JZ story sums up a few points, if you can get past the typo in the headline.

Monday, July 31, 2006

July 31

19-year-old Jordan Christopher Morgan pled guilty to first degree murder today. On September 22 of last year, 17-year-old Abdul-bari Muhammad, his teenage brother, and a friend were walking through the parking lot of Mondawmin Mall on their way to the food court when Morgan approached the group, pulled a gun, and announced a robbery. He then shot Muhammad once in the head without even giving the three people a chance to give up their possessions. His sentencing resulted in a 40 year prison term.

Melvin Jones Jr. was arrested this afternoon, and a body that matches the description of 11-year-old Irvin J. Harris was found in Clifton Park. The child was last seen with convicted boy-molester Jones, who served a whopping seven months for his last offense.

Baltimore County police are searching for 19-year-old Zachary Miller, who disappeared a few days after being robbed and warned not to snitch.

A man on the west side was wounded after shooting two women and firing at police.

Looks like last week was the most murderous so far this week, with 10 killings from Sunday to Sunday. I would be a nice project to map all of them but in 12 hours I'll be in route to 11 cite du labyrinthe. So long suckers!

Justin Watson of Taneytown was stabbed to death in Gettysburg.

The squeaky wheel of Edgewood is getting some grease. In a move that Galt will surely support, Harford County sheriff's officers are being shifted to the troubled area while the County Executive decides whether they really need to hire more police.

Anthony Willoughby faces a whole bunch of charges for setting his girlfriend on fire. WBAL and WJZ face no charges for writing terrible headlines about this story. At WBAL ("Man Charged For Allegedly Setting Girl On Fire"), anyone under 40 is apparently still a girl; WJZ ("Hyattsville Woman Set On Fire Recovering") suggests that the woman was set on fire as she was recovering. Great writing, y'all.

A shooting, an armed robbery, and a thief who just wants to clean up.

Hmmmm... Is $15,000 and a survey really what it takes to conquer gangs?

All you need to know about last week: Jessup a nightmare; Baltimore patriots killed in Iraq, sent to Mexican border; Steele calls Bush his homeboy, and Park School's Stanley Virgil Butch Ashman made national news for having sex in a closet with a student 30 years ago.