Thursday, January 30, 2014

Horse Gaslighted, Meek Slaughtered, Documents Uploaded, Nap Needed

This is Baltimore, so you've heard some crazy. You've seen some incompetence. You've been party to some stupid. But you've never heard stupid crazy like this:
   SRB claiming that she didn't keep secret the audit done for $287,000 by the engineering firm URS secret because of Xerox's non-disclosure agreement after all, but instead because the 90-page document was "incomplete," and because URS Corp.--  a $10.9 billion firm with offices in 50 countries in business since 1951-- was "not sufficiently qualified" to do the audit.
   Oh, and by the way, she added, she didn't even read the audit, completed in April, until last week. You know, the audit prepared by that unqualified firm that the city just hired again last month for $237,000 to monitor speed and red light cameras that aren't even operational any more.
  Tuesday she added for good measure that the media is  "beating a dead horse" by questioning such things, the media's interest is "for headlines and for ratings," and threw in some gaslighting for good measure: the City Council "can use a subpoena [to see all the speed camera data the mayor's office and DOT have refused to release for months], but all they have to do is ask." Gorsh, why didn't you think of that, Carl Stokes?!
  There's another speed camera hearing of some variety next Tuesday at the city council as well, so.. see you next Tuesday!
  Oh, and in other SRB news, she has to re-shoot all of the city's tourist videos because she's lost so much weight. As my mother might say, "I think that woman might be ON DRUGS." But seriously, even for a crazy town, this is a whole new level.

Now to the sad: a man and a woman found dead in a car on Cole St. in the southwest are probably the city's 23rd and 24th homicide victims.

Two women, Shameka Davis, 29, and Candice Newkirk, were arrested for kidnapping and sexually torturing a woman on Reservoir Hill.*

Sherrell Ferguson
Remember Eric Pendergrass, whose body was found in the Patapsco near the Hanover Street Bridge in 2009? Donta Vaughn and Darryl Nichols were convicted of his abduction and murder.* Both are already in jail* on other charges. The third conspirator, Sherell Ferguson, pleaded guilty last month.

Cham Green has obtained a full list of Baltimore City homicides from 2001-2006 and helpfully placed it online via Google Docs.

In the county, Anthony Paul Rutherford, 41, was charged with first-degree murder* and arson after allegedly killing his wife Kendra and then burning down their house last month.

And in Essex a man attacked his 72-year-old wife with a hammer.

In HarfCo at around 5 a.m. today police arrested Isaac Ojiabo Jr., 20,* who they suspect stabbed his own mother to death.

There was a police-involved shooting in Cockeysville today on Wellingborough Way. And in court yesterday, more details on a no-knock raid last August in the county that ended with the deaths of veteran officer Jason Schneider and 25-year-old Tevon Smith* on Roberts Avenue in Catonsville.


Anonymous said...

That a a great idea to look up URS but why didn't the Sun do that? And where is the article about the horse?

Anonymous said...

She does look like a horse. Mind. Blown.

dwb said...

Sorry, but stupid comment of the week goes to Batts who says that all the shooting in Baltimore "right now" is due to uh, drug dealing in back alleys. He gets paid over 200k or more annually to offer such sage advice.

But, people keep electing people like this over and over. Who are the stupid ones? Baltimore will be bankrupt like Detroit in a few years, because people refuse to put the train in reverse.