Monday, January 27, 2014

Who's Zooming Who?

A 16-year-old, Lavar Crawford, was murdered in CHUM on Saturday* at 28th and Hugo, also where rapper Kevin 'Kev the President' Green was killed last September (that Kev link is muy NSFW, BTW).

There were supposedly two other murders this weekend if WBAL is to be believed, but WBAL might be confused: they're claiming an additional man was shot in the head Saturday (location not reported and nothing reported by the BPD) and Kendrick Andrew Martin, 41, was stabbed to death on Payson St* on Saturday.  ... Not to be confused with victim Arrington Michael Sydnor who was stabbed on Wheeler Street last Saturday. ... As someone asked on the Twitters, "If there was roof over #Balto and we called the entire city a mall, would the 19 homicides get more coverage?"
Kevea Muldrow

A girl named Kevea Muldrow has gone missing, call police if you see her.

Today in speed-camera rants, the Sun editorial board blasts the SRB administration* for its sketchy-ass secretiveness and questions its very credibility (but are you tired of hearing/bitching about speed cameras? Not me!), and the City Paper's Ed Ericson Jr. proffers a hefty list of various attempts at auditing and transparency that the SRB admin has stonewalled. Rodricks beats the war drum* for the unseemly public-private partnerships that are fertile ground for this bullshit, and Fox45 reports that city council members are being taciturn about Carl Stokes' proposal to investigate said bullshit, which the council will reportedly take up at their meeting tonight.

And in mall coverage, the shooter as ID'd as Darion Aguilar, 19, described by all as a pleasant and quiet kid. The 'love triangle' angle Tweeted by WBAL's @JohnVPatti hasn't held up-- the shooter and his victims weren't even Facebook friends and HoCo police have so far turned up no connections between them. WBAL reports that Saturday Aguilar's mom had reported him missing and police tracked his cell phone to the mall.

Two brothers are in custody after vandalizing a Presbyterian church in Perry Hall.

Here, have a collection of city police mug shots.


Cham said...

01/25/14 Fatal Stabbing was on 200 North Payson Street.

Maurice Bradbury said...

Ok, I think I've figured this out, the guy on Wheeler, Arrington Michael Sydnor, was last Saturday the 18th. Payson Street was Saturday the 25th and was Kendrick Andrew Martin, 41.

Maurice Bradbury said...

... and I think WBAL is confused. I don't see anything anywhere else about a third murder and they don't report a location for this murder.